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Alisea awarded at Ecomondo 2018

Alisea awarded at Ecomondo 2018

The Commission for the “Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile 2018” awarded Alisea Recycled
& Reused Objects Design among the 10 best companies, for the Waste and Resources field, with the project g_pwdr Technology.


“…For the recycling of graphite powder, waste coming from industrial production of graphite electrodes, with the creation of a graphite treatment (g_pwdr Technology) that substitutes traditional toxic dyes, saving 90% of water and 47% of energy, used successfully in the treatment of clothes”.

The award received the medal from the President of the Republic. It is promoted by the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile and Ecomondo. The awards ceremony takes place today

Thursday, November 8, 2018
Central hall – South entrance – Ecomondo – Rimini’s fair

This award has become essential to bring out the best practices and the successful technologies of the Italian businesses in the green economy. These companies are testimony of how it is possible to do business aiming for social and environmental purposes, working with motivation and participation, contributing to produce a growth of well being while safeguarding the natural capital and the services of our ecosystems

- Edo Ronchi President of Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile

is the first product worldwide to up-cycle wasted graphite powder in order to offer an innovative and sustainable alternative for fabric dyeing.

We are talking about innovation inspired by tradition: graphite is today wasted in vast quantities by the tech industry, but the Romans used to rely on it to dye their own fabrics thousands of years ago. Could this modern-day waste become then a raw material in a new, circular supply chain to offer the fashion industry an alternative to chemical dyes and tech companies an up-cycling solution to their by-products?

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