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Artist canvas Perpetua

Artist canvas Perpetua

Some people look at an object and see it ready and finished, accepting both its shape and purpose. But some other see an object (often, everything that exists) as an element they can use to create something else, as part of their drive to develop something that didn’t exist.

We know that Perpetua the pencil didn’t exist and the intuition behind it – dispose of it while writing – wasn’t there either. Its DNA already contains one of the typical art’s features: being revolutionary, subverting existing order. And since Anna Piratti, an artist and globetrotter, was entrusted with Perpetua, its chances of transforming and being always something different have multiplied.

Anna started introducing it to people that share her creative and always personal idea of reality. Just like when unknown, unpredictable ingredients are added to another, you always get something that wasn’t there before.

Paolo and Mauro Valentini are two brothers: the former is a musicologist and musician, the latter a jeweler and luthier. Two fine craftsmen, who know and are passionate of music and its history, with excellent manual skills that fade the boundary between art and craftsmanship.

Not only does Paolo play several instruments but he also knows their history and technicality. His interpretation of the world is through sound: everything that exists generates a sound vibration.

Mauro is a creator, responsible for shaping matter with his mind and hands, creating original jewelry that didn’t exist before. The passion for music shared with his brother led him to better understand musical instruments: since his interpretation of the world is through his creative hands, he builds them himself.

When Anna met with them and gave them Perpetua, she didn’t have much else to tell them but: ‘Personalize it, I give you free rein’. That’s how Perpetua became the blank canvas, the blank score where they could engrave their vision, their personality, their knowledge.
Mix a never-seen-before pencil of recycled graphite with one of the oldest musical instruments which has been part of human life for centuries, some stones, a vibrant metal alloy, a musician able to play anything, the skilled hands of a jeweler and luthier, the passion and ability to use creativity to express yourself. You won’t get one resulting object but two. In fact, they’re not even objects – they’re two Perpetua pencils expressing their creators. The result couldn’t have been but something that hadn’t been possible before.

Perpetua is a fully functional musical instrument. Perpetua is a finely hand embroidered piece of jewelry.

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