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Attention to the environment, innovation, technology: these are the keywords of #beingPerpetua

Perpetua® is a revolutionary way of re-thinking materials and objects.

Through research, ideation, innovation and technology, scraps of raw materials – otherwise destined to destruction – can be reborn.
New design objects – useful, original and innovative – come to life in full respect of the people and the Planet:
Perpetua the pencil is the firts of them.

The originary archetype of the Perpetua philosophy is “the pencil”

Made of Zantech®, an innovative material made of 80% graphite – a waste of the Italian industrial production of electrodes for the electro-erosion process – combined with a chemical compound, with no protective varnishes, glues or additional processing.
The pairing of rubber and graphite, fruit of invention, occurs during moulding.
Perpetua is an European registered patent on both product and production process and it is the only graphite pencil made in Italy.

While writing, you are disposing of Perpetua’s 15 grams of graphite thanks to its exclusive and unique production technology. An eco-sustainable system which makes us remember that, to make standard pencils instead, trees must be cut down.
Perpetua® is not only a new style of writing but also a new style of living, respecting the Planet and being aware that small gestures can make a big difference.


Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier

Perpetua wasn’t born by chance. Is an idea of ALISEA – since 1994 a reference name in the production of design objects for corporate communication through the ‘reuse’ and ‘recycling’ of both raw and second-life materials.
Perpetua transforms the way you write. This is the result of many years of work and research on non-renewable materials.
All the materials used in the production of our objects are treated with innovative processes of transformation, which guarantee quality standards identical to those of virgin materials.We provide our customers with ideas which we transform in objects using the most diverse recycling materials or material waste from industrial processes supplied by our customers. Objects that always tell a story, that of the customers from whom they were born.

Perpetua we had to invent it

Perpetua – the pencila is an object created by sharing the values and skills of a group of professionals who poured into it those elements of originality that make it unique and special.

In the name of Perpetua, hence, the name of many: Susanna who binds the idea to the commercial spirit; Vittorio and Cristina who, on the industrial front, are dedicated to the recovery of the graphite; Andrea who, as a technician of materials, gives life to Zantech®; the product designer Marta, who creates its shape; Marco who, through his graphic creativity and his photography, provides Perpetua – the pencil with its identity and visual image; Alberto who, through his strategic vision and communication skills, makes Perpetua’s message spread.

“The pencil – what my grandfather used to call by the Latin name ‘lapis’ – has always been part of my life. HB, 2B, 4B, 6B for soft shades; 2H for technical drawings. Micro leads, maxi leads. And then, the opportunity to design MY PENCIL. How could I ever say no?”

Marta Giardini
Designer of Perpetua the pencil.


Good Energy Award 2018
Reddot Awards
Unicom 2017
Menzione d'Onore Compasso d'Oro 2016
ADI Design 2015
New York Best of Year 2014
Sviluppo Sostenibile 2014
Impresa Ambiente 2014
Award Sette Green 2013
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