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Bottom line of Fiabe al Castello? The future is yours!

Bottom line of Fiabe al Castello? The future is yours!

A magic room will appear, starting April 19 until April 22, in the ancient Svevo Castle that towers above Cosenza… because to see the future sometimes we have to go back to the basics.

Four days of fables, theatre and labs for boys and girls, starring the one and only: the pencil. Starting from the one of Michele D’Ignazio, author of the successful book “Storia di una matita”, to Perpetua, which will bring its baggage of innovation and sustainability to a place tied to Perpetua with a special bond: the Calabria region, where the only Italian graphite mine is, dating back to the Roman Empire. Graphite will be the star of the lab being taught by Susanna Martucci, CEO of Alisea.

Perpetua goes back to its roots to talk about green economy in an interactive way and to imagine a future together with those who it belongs to: our children.

Storia di una matita a Scuola

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