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Day-by-day reportage by Anna Piratti

Day by Day

I immediately noticed that Perpetua and its parent company, Alisea, have a special character.
Follow it day-to-day, share your photos and ideas of your everyday life with Perpetua on Instagram. You will see that you will be more and more involved in it and with a click you will share both your and its character. #beingPerpetua


interviews and stories from the world of Perpetua

Perpetua has been a revelation to me!
Why not voice everyone who feels the same through a reportage of interviews and stories?
Alisea gave me the green light and here we are with a page made for this purpose.
If you too want to share your story, send an email to reportage@perpetua.it, and you will be interviewed.


I am sure that beauty boosts our immunity and helps us live better. I started to draw when I was a child and I have never stopped since. I have a diploma in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and I am now a freelance artist. I have always thought that it is action that makes an idea a good idea. For that reason I deal with art education and teaching: I want people to access and experience the beauty of arts.