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Day-by-day reportage by Anna Piratti

Day by Day

I immediately noticed that Perpetua and its parent company, Alisea, have a special character.
Follow it day-to-day, share your photos and ideas of your everyday life with Perpetua on Instagram. You will see that you will be more and more involved in it and with a click you will share both your and its character. #beingPerpetua


interviews and stories from the world of Perpetua

Perpetua has been a revelation to me!
Why not voice everyone who feels the same through a reportage of interviews and stories?
Alisea gave me the green light and here we are with a page made for this purpose.
If you too want to share your story, send an email to reportage@perpetua.it, and you will be interviewed.


Recycling is nothing new, just new awareness inspired by the certain cycles of Mother Nature. – Antonella

A word is like a seed

To Michele, recycling is first a state of mind, a discipline that involves body and soul. – Michele

One more chance

To me, Perpetua is like a Dadaist readymade! – Silvia

When intuition strikesmusical Perpetua® and precius Perpetua®

I challenged him: Can you make Perpetua the pencil play?
Not only did Paolo accept the challenge, but he also raised the bid with his brother Mauro, a goldsmith and a luthier for the love of it, and asked him to make a jewelry Perpetua. – Paolo e Mauro Valentini

The art of holding a pencil

I don’t particularly like the feeling of a pencil because I am not good at holding it.
Nobody teaches us how to do it! – Luc


Parity is about mutual acknowledgement. It comes out when you interact with persons you have affinity with, because you acknowledge they are peers. When you meet them, you feel you ac-knowledge them. This feeling emerges as if there was a previous imprint. Just like a pencil on a blank paper brings back something of what was incised.- Alessandra


To “leave a mark” may mean: to make a mark on a sheet of paper, or to leave a personal trace, as in having an impact on the environment where we work or live. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not. – Darcy

The opportunity to create

Pencil is a nice item, you can use it for a long time. And, meanwhile, you can really find yourself in this personal relationship. – Annemartine


I have never liked pencils because what you write will disappear.
Why then call a pencil Perpetua? It does not write permanent things, it cannot. – Enzo


I am sure that beauty boosts our immunity and helps us live better. I started to draw when I was a child and I have never stopped since. I have a diploma in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and I am now a freelance artist. I have always thought that it is action that makes an idea a good idea. For that reason I deal with art education and teaching: I want people to access and experience the beauty of arts.