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Day-by-day reportage by Anna Piratti

Day by Day

I immediately noticed that Perpetua and its parent company, Alisea, have a special character.
Follow it day-to-day, share your photos and ideas of your everyday life with Perpetua on Instagram. You will see that you will be more and more involved in it and with a click you will share both your and its character. #beingPerpetua


interviews and stories from the world of Perpetua

Perpetua has been a revelation to me!
Why not voice everyone who feels the same through a reportage of interviews and stories?
Alisea gave me the green light and here we are with a page made for this purpose.
If you too want to share your story, send an email to reportage@perpetua.it, and you will be interviewed.

Spreading Sustainability Innovation through the Co-Evolution of Sustainable Business Models and Partnerships

Sustainability innovation is often not achievable by a single organisation; even if changes in business operations can lead to great advances towards a more sustainable business model (SBM), the effectiveness of these implementations largely depends on the combined actions of the organisation’s network of partners.

Where you can meet Perpetua® – August

From New York to Bern… in August Perpetua® will take part in some of the most important design exhibitions in the world.

TEDxVicenza 2019 official Gift

The official gift of #TRANSITIONS, is the essence of this magnetism that combines ideas, materials and innovative processes with the networking spirit of our #TEDxVicenza partners.

International Museum Day 2019

The role of museums in society is changing. Museums keep reinventing themselves in their quest for becoming more interactive, audience focused, community oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile. They have become cultural hubs functioning as platforms where creativity combines with knowledge and where visitors can also co-create, share and interact.

“Circular economy is not just for materials, it’s also for ideas”

“ The Moma in New York, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and all the reserve roasteries in the world. To be able to claim so many prestigious places on her resume is Perpetua, the eco-friendly pencil born in Vicenza under the banner of Alisea. «Perpetua is a monolith created with a material recovered from industrial processes. No glues, coatings, not even waste, and she lasts 20 times more than a traditional pencil. I think of her as the emblem of circular economy. If I imagine how a product of the future should be, I see her».”

Perpetua, a key player at the Contemporary Urban week for the Salone del Mobile 2019

The Salone del Mobile 2019 will take place April 9-14, what better time to inaugurate the opening of the Contemporary Urban?

On Perpetua’s tip

It’s called “On the pencil’s tip: nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”, the project by Michela Mantoan for kindergartens and primary schools. An original education path towards sustainability and circular economy, which includes workshops, playful and interactive exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

Wråd returns to Monterosso

From this antique technique meeting the innovation tied to recovering graphite developed by Perpetua, Wrad created GRAPHI-TEE Endorsed by Perpetua, the first t-shirt dyed with the same graphite – inevitable industrial waste – utilized for Perpetua the pencil.

Alisea and Perpetua are on the map

We are proud to announce that we are on the Map of Sustainability. The Map of Sustainability is the very first picture of responsible businesses – both socially and environmentally – in Italy, and it was built based on elements objectively demonstrable. The Map was created by CSRnatives, a network of...

Perpetua al White di Milano

GIVE A FOK-us is the first hub dedicated to sustainable innovation at WHITE Show Milano by Matteo Ward, CEO & co-founder of WRÅD. Discover the world of sustainable fashion with g_pwdr Technology – patented by Alisea –, the only textile treatment that utilizes recovered graphite powder, the same of Perpetua the pencil.


I am sure that beauty boosts our immunity and helps us live better. I started to draw when I was a child and I have never stopped since. I have a diploma in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and I am now a freelance artist. I have always thought that it is action that makes an idea a good idea. For that reason I deal with art education and teaching: I want people to access and experience the beauty of arts.
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