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Valentina is Italian. I fixed a meeting at her travel agency to discuss a project about art and creativity for traveling.

Before starting, she asked me about Perpetua. I want to know all about it!, she cried out.
I read about the day-by-day project on social media: I’m curious.
I gave her a Perpetua and told her its story. Here is Valentina’s comment:

Perpetua....er, what a name.
It means forever.
Now we are cautious when we say this phrase, it’s almost scary.
But it’s not the case for Perpetua: it’s truly positive. From inert powder to new writing life.
I like it because I have a sunny disposition: I love life, I love traveling, I love exploring.
I especially love my country, where I traveled extensively.
I’m proud to be Italian!
I think that objects have a soul. Perpetua has its own peculiar life, more than a soul! I see it’s part of interesting day-to-day moments and it takes part in cultural events. Its friends are artists and musicians - she’s also like a work of art, after all.
So, if I look at it, I don’t see an object, I see a project. I see a process of rebirth, renewal, gregariousness, which is not only a patent on manufacturing process but it has to do with people.
We’re here to talk about projects and Italian pride because of a simple pencil...
Anna, isn’t it wonderful?


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