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Green Carpet Fashion Awards

Green Carpet Fashion Awards

A new star is shining on the Green Carpet
of the Scala di Milano: Graphite

Graphite wins at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, able to join the tradition of Monterosso Calabro to the innovation of WRÅD Endorsed by Perpetua.

At the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, the sustainable fashion Oscars, the Hand Print award went to the Comune of Monterosso Calabro, whose story is tied to graphite for ages, and to WRÅD, nominee with the dress WRÅD Unfocused.

The dress is made with mint fiber and the distinguishing grey of the skirt comes from the innovative treatment g_pwdr technology endorsed by Perpetuathat substitutes chemical pigments with recovered graphite powder, the same of Perpetua. The bodice has been painted by hand with watercolors by Silvia Giovanardi.

is the first technology worldwide to up-cycle wasted graphite powder in order to offer an innovative and sustainable alternative for fabric dyeing.

It’s aninnovation inspired by tradition: graphite is today wasted in vast quantities by the tech industry, but the Romans used to rely on it to dye their own fabrics thousands of years ago. Could this modern-day waste become then a raw material in a new, circular supply chain to offer the fashion industry an alternative to chemical dyes and tech companies an up-cycling solution to their by-products?

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