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Gruppo Mastrotto and Perpetua together for a new pencil

Gruppo Mastrotto and Perpetua together for a new pencil

Perpetua is not only a pencil.

It is a communication object that uses its history to tell the values behind its conception and design.

Everyone who shares its values can find the right object to tell their own story.
Perpetua is the symbol chosen by everyone who adopts a new way of conceiving and reusing the resources available, because in nature ”nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. It is the symbol of a necessary revolution which is made with a simple object.

Since it is made of 80% recycled graphite, no trees were felled for its construction. Perpetua is about values and a mission that we need to undertake together – a creative, more responsible generation will develop the technology and innovations needed to work while respecting people and the environment in the future.
This is Alisea‘s original entrepreneurial mission and, with Perpetua, it recycles tons of graphite powder that would be otherwise destined for landfill.

A project combining eco-sustainability and innovation.

We believe that this is the reason why many private individuals and businesses have chosen and customized it to embody their values.

Perpetua has turned into an object that combines eco-sustainability and innovation with every company’s values. It has become the tool they use to talk about their products or brand, a new chapter of many different corporate histories. Customizations are more and more frequent: This develops and improves the ”tailor-made” service so that the pencil becomes a way to communicate values.

Customization now goes beyond the pencil’s graphics and packaging – it moves to a higher level of integration. The Perpetua Team and Gruppo Mastrotto have deployed their creative and communicative potential in order to make a unique Perpetua, which gives new life not only to graphite but also leather scraps.

Gruppo Mastrotto is a leading company in the processing of cattle hides

and it has a long tradition of tanning with new, innovative technologies and services.

Gruppo Mastrotto express is the latest one: An immediate delivery service for leather, with over 1,000 colors available worldwide ready to be shipped within 48 hours of your order. The Express Service by Gruppo Mastrotto enables designers, stylists, and new makers to create prototypes, capsule collections or short-run production freely and with no limits.

Five different colored leather strips, symbolizing decades of tradition and research at Gruppo Mastrotto, have been blended with Perpetua, which means that they both wear down by using and sharpening it. A Perpetua made of reused leather that literally shows the company’s history and becomes its witness and narrator at the same time.
The Perpetua by Gruppo Mastrotto praises creativity and experiments with new leather future developments.

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