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Maker Faire Rome 2015: a three-day festival about innovation and creativity

Maker Faire Rome 2015: a three-day festival about innovation and creativity

Maker Faire Rome 2015: Perpetua, the pencil was on display at the largest innovation European show.

From 16 to 18 October 2015, La Sapienza University in Rome was home to one of the largest innovation-focused shows in the world, full of inventions, creativity, and inventiveness. The tenth edition of the show brought together more than 300 makers and was visited by more than 100,000 people.

Maker Faire Rome exceeded our expections in terms of size and success. A cheerful chaos literally overwhelmed and accompanied us through the three days. We were deeply satisfied and full of emotions. So many people, of any age and origin, crowded our booth.

They were curious about Perpetua: they stopped by to know it closely, to hear its history, and understand its message. The interest and comments of our visitors filled us with satisfaction and let us understand that we are on the right path. We are more and more certain that green innovation and creativity are key to a sustainable future. It is our visitors at Maker Faire and all the people who believe in and share our values that make it possible for us to go on with our story. Every Perpetua is a design item that makes writing a virtuous action and enables us to simultaneously dispose of waste and protect our world’s resources.

A thank you to everyone who has purchased a Perpetua: so many people that, when we realized that stock would not suffice, we had to ask for more to be delivered from the HQ.
We believe that similar events enable us to build a better future for everybody.

A thank you to everyone who is already writing the future and disposing of the waste of the past.

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