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Darcy is an American visual artist.

She draws and paints detailed, figurative paintings in pastel and other media.
When I gave her a Perpetua pencil after a dinner, she readily took it in her hand, and with playful enthusiasm, turned the paper placemat upside down, started writing, drawing, doodling, and said, “I feel like a child!”
Then she stopped and said:  ‘A pencil is power, the power of words, the power of visuals, the power of creativity, and now, thanks to our conversation, even the power of talking’.

To ``leave a mark`` may mean: to make a mark on a sheet of paper, or to leave a personal trace, as in having an impact on the environment where we work or live. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not.
For instance, take a small, meaningless mark on a sheet of paper. Make one more nearby, then another, and another again. It becomes a sketch.
The same happens in our lives. Small actions, even the ones that are seemingly unimportant to us, will end up making a path. We make the drawing, and if we want, we can change it, just as we can change other paths in our life and the lives of others.
I love it very much when I think that I can have an impact and leave my mark.


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