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One more chance


Silvia is an illustrator: she draws images for books and magazines, and she invents games.

She is responsible for the teaching unit at Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea (Center for Contemporary Arts) in Mestre, near Venice. Talking with her about pencils is a serious and technical matter, because pencil is the tool of her trade par excellence.

To me, Perpetua is like a Dadaist readymade.
Lifeless powder transformed for a new use, which - in addition to the disposal of inert graphite - works well also to put your hair up (she laughs).
I love the idea of it coming from an existing product, being recycled and, as such, eternal.
I reckon the Alisea approach seriously necessary in this very historical period. What are we going to do with all this waste? We will be submerged in it! Giving it another chance is in fact very interesting, as well as legitimate.
We would all like another chance - correct?
To know that you may be given another chance is comforting, always.
Now I’ll enjoy letting Perpetua talk with some animals of my fantastic zoo... (newly printed for GBaby, an Italian children’s magazine published by Periodici San Paolo): let’s not underestimate that Perpetua easily interacts with everyone, adults and children. Being mother and artist, I know how crucial it is to teach important issues since an early age.


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