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Enzo is an Italian doctor.

We met on a cold Sunday afternoon, and we walked a lot in search of an open cafe. Meanwhile, I was talking about Perpetua. He did not say a word, but I had the feeling he was politely listening to me, because while his facial expression was sceptical.
When we finally found a warm place where to sit down, he asked me out of the blue what was so special with this pencil.
I took a cluster of Perpetua pencils out of my handbag and I placed them on the table. He took one, he observed it, then looked back to me and burst out: ‘Nice to see that there are stll people around who work this way. It is encouraging.’ His scepticism faded away.

I have never liked pencils because what you write will disappear.
Why then call a pencil Perpetua? It does not write permanent things, it cannot.

I am puzzled because the object per se has nothing to do with it. What I see is the innovative drive to make it, which goes beyond simple profits.
Well, I am impressed. The flat side and its resilience are functional characteristics. What strikes me is the ethical reason behind a paradoxical pencil, to say the least!


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