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Perpetua® and her friends in Leipzig

Perpetua® and her friends in Leipzig

Once arrived in Leipzig Perpetua has been welcomed in a house which is simply perfect for her: KUNSTKRAFTWERK, an old factory in which, in the past century, heat from carbon was produced to warm up a whole neighborhood in east Leipzig.

Today, this amazing space has been recovered and transformed in a center of culture where artistic emotions spark, giving life to everything around them. In the occasion of the Design Festival of Leipzig, the old factory hosts the second edition of the design market-exhibition, following the theme of circular economy: the “International Upcycling – Messe & Ausstellung Echt Alt“.

Perpetua, together with some new adventure friends, is communicating in a language familiar to all of them how waste materials can be transformed and start a new life in the form of unique design objects. She felt so comfortable in this new space that she decided to make it her second home… here are Perpy’s images with her new “friends”.


Cheap Murano, precious goblets made from the reuse of industrial plastics. Unlike precious Murano glass, if they fall they do not break..

(Designed by Massimiliano Adami)

The simplicity of an industrial glass bottle or cup can become a new object when combining ability and creativity to generate something amazing!

From the reuse of plastic objects and colored polyurethane foam, lighting devices of great scenic effects are created.

(Designed by Massimiliano Adami)

In Africa the rubber slippers that some abandon on the beach generate serious harm to animals that mistake them for food. These objects are created to clean our oceans from this type of damaging waste

(Designed by AfriEcoDesigns)

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