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Perpetua around the world: destination London!

Perpetua around the world: destination London!

Perpetua the pencil arrived in London with its, by now famous, “travel case”, the tailor made stand designed by Marta Giardini.

The event is the important international exhibit Top Drawer – going on from January 15 until January 17 in Olympia, in the Kensington neighborhood of London – that reunites in the British capital the best of the best internationally in the world of design. 

An organized event for retailers all over the world that are always looking for something new and beautiful to share with the world. 

olympia topdrawer London

Perpetua and its ambassadors, Alice, Matteo and Susanna left with a mission: find a home for the future and new friends in the British capital.

People that might share the Perpetua values and that want to spread them. The beginning of the new year shows Perpetua’s desire to continue traveling the world, to share the idea that a different future, able to talk about innovation and to spread awareness on the environment, not only is possible, but it needs to be shared and spread in every corner of the world.

Alice at topdrawer London
Team Perpetua topdrawer London
perpetua back to school

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