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Perpetua becomes a… stellar piece of art!

Perpetua becomes a… stellar piece of art!

In the hands of experimental artist Salavat Fidai, Perpetua the pencil becomes a stellar piece of art.

For the release of “The Force Awakens”, the seventh installment of the Star Wars saga, Perpetua the pencil and Salavat Fidai started their collaboration.

A Russian artist with a special and unexpected talent. Salavat Fidai is famous for his ability to carve sculptures onto the tips of pencils, creating miniatures that are impressively complicated and with a plethora of details.
The photos and videos of various subjects, such as monuments, animals and famous people in the few millimeters of the tip of a pencil are admired all around the world through his Instagram account, which already has more than 180,000 followers.
In a short time, the peculiarity of his art has impressed and caught the attention of publications worldwide and he has recently made a first photo book on his work.

In his hands Perpetua was transformed into four of the most famous characters in the saga: Darth Vader, Yoda, the r2d2 robot and the Storm Trooper. Mini statues of a few centimeters, but rich in details that carefully reproduce the characters of Star Wars. Each of them has been assigned a color of the rubber that recalls those of the lightsabers, thus distinguishing the good from the bad. So Darth Vader has the red rubber and Yoda the green one.

This collaboration is a tribute to the Star Wars saga. A project created by two seemingly distant players that have been able to find a meeting point in the graphite, a material that Perpetua has been able to make revolutionary and the raw material from which Salavat Fidai creates his own works.

Collectors’ items, which in addition to Salavat Fidai’s ability to carve, can boast of being the first sculptures made of recycled graphite.

Perpetua today not only enables you to dispose of it while writing but also carving.

Stay tuned!

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