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Perpetua for Mission Bambini

Perpetua for Mission Bambini

Perpetua for Mission Bambini helps rewriting the future of many young girls by giving them the chance to study.

Did you know that more than 30 million girls between 13 and 14 years old can’t go to school?

To change this, Mission Bambini – Italian foundation that has been helping kids that live in poverty for over 20 years – created the program “Borse Rosato assign scholarships supporting secondary education for girls living in poorer countries.

The Program, born in collaboration with local non-governmental organizations, is currently active in Bangladesh and India, and will be soon also in Brazil and Uganda. This initiative was created to bring continuity to Education projects supported by Mission Bambini in Africa, Asia and South America.

Since 2001 the Foundation gave access to a quality primary or secondary education to over 15,000 children and teens.

You too can change a girl’s life and give her a chance to study by purchasing a pink Perpetua the pencil.