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Perpetua G-CASE

Perpetua G-CASE

Perpetua G-CASE

One of a kind, printed with ink realized with recycled graphite (G-ink), ergonomic and functional:
it’s G-CASE, studied to be like an extension of your pockets, to contain all the essentials in a small space.

It’s not just a case…


A new designer item becomes part of the PERPETUA family and it express fully its values, beauty and functionality: Perpetua G-CASE, designed by Marta Giardini, Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro 2016 with Perpetua the pencil.

Realized with natural cotton fiber, it has a gummed zipper that can be red or black, inspired by the same rubber used for Perpetua the pencil.

Four different textures where optical, linear, geometric, minimal patterns give G-CASE a dynamic and unique look.


Perpetua G-CASE (where G stands for graphite), unique and revolutionary, is different from any other case because it’s printed with G-INK: a new and innovative black ink projected by Alisea, non-polluting and that utilizes graphite powder recovered from the industrial production processes, the same material used for Perpetua the pencil.

Therefore, G-INK has been conceived on the same principles of recovery and reutilization of waste, environmental protection and circular economy. It’s a way to create design items that are useful, original, practical, innovative and eco-friendly.

Ergonomical and practical, also thanks to its band that becomes a wrist handle, G-CASE has been studied to be like an extension of your pockets, to contain all the essentials in a small space.

You can take it everywhere you go, to carry all the essentials of your day: smartphone, passport, money, charger, lipstick, supplements, car and home keys and – of course – writing tools like Perpetua the pencil.

G-CASE can become an even more personal and unique item by the personalization of its band, that can have printed on text that identifies not only your company, but also yourself.


G-CASE is entirely hand-stitched with cotton yarn, in collaboration with Socially Made in Italy, a no-profit organization that stands for valuation of work inside women’s prisons: a community in between ethic, fashion and human rights that collaborates with the world of high-fashion and social co-op that create job opportunities.

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