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Perpetua Glitter Edition

Perpetua Glitter Edition

Like a charming and outgoing young lady, PERPETUA loves to enhance her character and to express her style through those small, essential details that make her unique.

This time, PERPETUA surprises with the sparkling and original GLITTER EDITION look: the decoration of Perpetua Glitter is obtained by the combination of creek’s sand – sifted and cleaned – and flakes of recycled colored aluminum. The decoration is applied entirely by hand thanks to a technique from the goldsmith’s craft Italian tradition, the same used to make the pearls’ glazing. Nature, recycling and artisan know-how give life to a design object ideal for writing, perfect for an exclusive gift or to be collected.

PERPETUA GLITTER EDITION is available in 6 color-decorations: gold, dark silver, light silver, bronze, red and blue.

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