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Perpetua has a new website

Perpetua has a new website

The world of Perpetua grows as every gram of graphite is disposed of.

We wanted to narrate it in a more detailed way. So we have developed a new content-rich website that enhances the relationship between Perpetua and everybody who wants to know and experience it.

Everything in the website will revolve around a simple object that, thanks to many people, has made a real revolution, because you can dispose of it while writing. Perpetua is one of the flagship products of ALISEA, which has developed and made sustainable and innovative design items since 1994.
Its user-friendly navigation menu will easily enable anyone to explore the world of Perpetua and businesses and retailers alike to be part of it and draw inspiration from the customized models of Perpetua.


#beingperpetua is about the world of Perpetua: Its philosophy, its origins, the team, and the awards. Environment, innovation, and technology are the keywords that define Perpetua, a project developed by ALISEA and a team of professionals sharing values and expertise to make it an incomparable pencil.
#beingperpetua is also about the accolades: In less than 3 years, the Perpetua pencil has received several significant awards, such as the Premio Impresa Ambiente, the Sette Green Awards, and it was one of the 4 products shortlisted for the Best of the Year Award organized by the international magazine Interior Design. Perpetua has been included in the ADI Design Index for 2015 and preselected for the prestigious Compasso d’Oro ADI Award.
Everyday stories about this innovative and revolutionary item show the growing entrepreneurial philosophy behind it and they are all fresh and accessible.


We wanted a richer website, with new sections where everyone could talk about their relationship to Perpetua. That is why we have launched, in collaboration with artist Anna Piratti, the project ‘Daily Art’ – a page about the romantic and artistic side of Perpetua, a kind of day-to-day social diary.
Dailyart deals with the character of Perpetua in its everyday life and the small, weird, usual and unusual daily gestures.
What goes on behind the scenes is described in the section Day By Day, both on social media pages and the website, and in the section Peer Discussion, which takes inspiration from the original project: Perpetua becomes the main subject of all the interviews.

You see, there is always a good reason to check www.perpetua.it! The Perpetua team works to find more stories to tell, thanks to everyone who wants to share theirs.
We want to keep on writing a new story with you, a story of innovation and sustainability, and especially of everyone who believes that Perpetua can help us launch a message: Innovative technology can go hand in hand with the respect for the environment and build a better future.
#StayTuned #beingperpetua

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