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Perpetua is…SPORTY!

Perpetua is…SPORTY!

What is Perpetua the pencil doing at the presentation of the Campionati Italiani Cross Country Eliminator & Giovanili di Società?

A lot wondered the same when FOUR ES – four S to identify four different ways to be and to live the bicycle, from the most simple and less demanding ride up to pro levels – surprised everyone by choosing Perpetua tricolor as a gift to the participants.

The reason is simple: Perpetua shares the same values, as the Team Manager of Four Es pointed out.

“Thanks to the contribution of sensitive businessmen, we try to teach young people the importance of respect through sport: respect for others, for nature, that surrounds us while we ride, for ourselves, by taking care of our health and by respecting the rules that in sport, as in everyday life, teach us to be fair in confrontations.

Why young people?

Because if we want to keep hoping for a better future we need to start with them. The message that permeated the presentation and that we hope will fill our events is a strong message: we need to respect our planet, it’s our home and we need to help spreading the message that companies like Alisea and Perpetua the pencil made their own. Because by doing so they are taking care of us.”

Alessandro Arabia – Team Manager Four Es

Alessandro Arabia – Team Manager Four Es
Perpetua e i Campionati Italiani Cross Country Eliminator & Giovanili di Società

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