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Perpetua jewelry

Perpetua jewelry

Master goldsmith Mauro Valentini interprets Perpetua the pencil: a piece of jewelry among other pieces of jewelry at VicenzaOro 2016

Vicenza – the city where Perpetua the pencil was created – is holding VICENZAORO, the leading international jewelry exhibition in Italy, from 3 to 7 September.
Vicenza has been a famous center for the art of goldsmithing for centuries. Perpetua interpreted that tradition with a special-edition jewel, expressly created by master goldsmith Mauro Valentini.
Perpetua has the same fine, smart look as a charming, outgoing young lady. Mauro Valentini used only a ‘bulino’ tool to hand sculpt and work a custom silver jewel on Perpetua the pencil.
The ‘bulino’ is used for the most ancient hand-carving technique – it dates back to the first half of the 15th century and has had its roots in the technique of hand engraving silver leaf since the Middle Age. The link of Perpetua with nature is explained through a set opal, a ‘living’ precious stone containing water that should be soaked in water to keep its tones.
Nature, recycling, and craftsmanship give birth to an unprecedented precious piece of design. An ideal gift or piece of collection.

di Alvise Bortolato

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