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Perpetua Monumental

Perpetua Monumental

Perpetua Monumental is a project launched together with Fusarte. Perpetua the pencil pays homage to the beauty of historical Italian architecture and the huge legacy of its masterpieces, among which Milan’s Cathedral stands out.

The Duomo di Milano is special. The elegant façade of this ultimate masterpiece of Italian gothic architecture is globally renowned and praised.
Perpetua the pencil is just as special. Perpetua is not only a pencil: its being different from all the rest makes it a real revolution in the world of writing.
The mark of the revolutionary recycled graphite pencil gives life to illustrations and subjects on the packaging and the pencil – their smart, bright colors highlight the joyful, easy-going character of Perpetua the pencil.
Perpetua Monumental can represent Florence’s Duomo, Verona’s Roman Arena, Milan’s Duomo or Venice’s Grand Canal.
Those 4 subjects mark the beginning of a new version of the history of Italy. It’s a trip through Italy’s hallmarks taken through Perpetua and its packaging: a joyful, creative version as well as innovative and eco-friendly.
If you use Perpetua you’ll contribute to disposing of tons of graphite, a waste of industrial production, otherwise destined to be put underground.

While writing, you are disposing of Perpetua’s 15 grams of graphite – its exclusive production technology makes the traditional wooden case unnecessary. Few people remember that trees must be felled to make standard pencils.
Not only is Perpetua a style choice when writing but also the example that you can respect the planet and be aware that small gestures can make a big difference.

What is Perpetua the pencil?

It’s the first ‘writing tool’ made from Zantech, a high-tech material comprising 80% recycled graphite.

Perpetua is a European registered patent on a product and manufacturing process. It’s the only graphite pencil made in Italy.

It’s a patent on a product and manufacturing process, with the following details:

  • It’s non-toxic.
  • It’s the first pencil made using 80% graphite that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • It doesn’t leave marks on your hands, even without any additional kind of protective varnish or further processing: what you see is what you get with Perpetua.
  • Its flat side will not let the pencil roll away; it writes even when blunt; it can be sharpened; it comes with a food-grase eraser.
  • The color eraser is part of the pencil – no glue is used.
  • Resistant – it won’t break if dropped: unlike traditional pencils with a wooden case protecting the fragile graphite lead, no trees were harmed to make Perpetua.
  • 100% made in Italy.

Last June, architect Marta Giardini received the honorable mention at the prestigious international award Compasso d’Oro 2016, in Milan.
Perpetua the pencil, by Alisea Recycled and Reused Design Object.

Perpetua® Monumental

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