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Perpetua, the italian ambassador of circular economy in the heart of Europe

Perpetua, the italian ambassador of circular economy in the heart of Europe

If circular economy were a target, Perpetua the pencil would keep scoring.
circular economy

Brussels, 29-30 November 2016: Techitaly “Circular Economy” is about challenges and opportunities for the Italian cleantech industries.

The Italian Embassy in Belgium brings the best models of made-in-Italy innovation together, from aerospace to today’s great global challenges like solid waste pollution.

Techitaly is the chance to show Europe and the world the Italian contribution to circular economy and not only, through the companies and the products that represent excellence. A two-day programme with events, conferences, workshops for institutions, including academia and research centres, and businesses, both Italian and Belgian, to share their views about sustainable innovation.

Not only will Perpetua be an event partner, but it will also exemplify a model of best practice in circular economy with an Tailor Made version. Techitaly is a chance for Italian and European companies to meet and become partners towards a more sustainable future. Perpetua wants to contribute to that by showing that Italy has the potential and intention to be one of the leading countries on the world stage.

Perpetua, the Italian ambassador of circular economy in the world.

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