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Perpetua the pencil

design by Marta Giardini

Perpetua the pencilPerpetua the pencilPerpetua GlitterPerpetua luminaPerpetua back to schoolPerpetua Sweet LifePerpetua Portofino

“The beauty of a thought that can find its form in space, to us has always seemed one of the most authentic and correct ways of communicating.” – Alisea Recycled and Reused Objects Design

We created Perpetua the pencil keeping in mind the planet and its inhabitants: for this reason it is made with patented circular materials and production processes and its design has been studied in every single detail.


Perpetua the pencil, the first Perpetua we had to invent it object, perfectly embodies the philosophy and values that we are committed to disseminating day by day.

Technical specifications:


  • Length: cm 19,5
  • Diameter: mm 9
  • Weight: gr 15
  • Packaging FSC 400 g black 24×8 cm

A new concept of pencil

To recover waste graphite powder we conceived a simple object: the pencil.

However, we did not want an ordinary pencil, but rather a pencil different from all others. So, starting from waste of the industrial production of graphite electrodeswe invented a material that didn’t exist before.

It is called Zantech®, an innovative and technological material that allowed us to develop a unique production system for Perpetua the pencil.

Perpetua is the only pencil made in Italy and the first in the world to be produced using 80% of graphite powder that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill. Perpetua is a patented invention of both product and production process.

Perpetua does not break

Writing made to last.
  • Perpetua is durable, it writes 20 times further than conventional pencils: 1120 km (IUAV data);
  • Perpetua does not break when dropped, and keeps writing even if broken in two and without a tip;
  • When broken in two, Perpetua can still be used: two smaller Perpetuas, in fact, are generated, two new writing objects: because the promise of Perpetua is to last for a long time.

Innovative writing

A revolution in the world of writing

We designed Perpetua thinking about the people who will use it; this is why Perpetua…

  • does not dirty your hands and does not break if dropped (without protective varnishes or further processing);
  • can be sharpened normally but also writes when blunt or if cut into two parts;
  • has an FDA Certified eraser integrated in the pencil: it is not glued but moulded directly to the graphite;
  • has a flat side (grip control) that prevents it from rolling off the table.

Let’s recycle together by writing

A unique intuition that becomes an invention and defines the future

Perpetua allows several tons of graphite resulting from industrial process waste to be disposed of. Those who use it are recycling 15 grams of material that otherwise would have been buried beneath our feet. Perpetua is not only a choice in writing style, but also and above all the choice to live respecting our planet, being aware that small gestures make a difference.

Corporate social responsibility

The warehouse, logistics and packaging of Perpetua are managed by the young people and volunteers of the Agape Cooperative.

“Breaking down fences”, so that everyone can find their place in society: this is the aim of Agape. No disability, no impairment, however serious, can exclude people from social life.

Agape and Perpetua share the value of inclusion and the gestures of Agape’s people ensure that the wrapping and packaging process of Perpetua (and all other objects produced through the philosophy of Perpetua) take place harmoniously. Gestures of dedication, love and hope for a better future for all.

Black graphite, colourful soul

Its design combines functionalism, aesthetics and creativity.

Created by the designer and architect Marta Giardini, it received the prestigious Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro.
With Perpetua everyone can express their creativity and own preferences through the variety of colours, looks and endless possibilities of customization.

Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook

In the transition towards change we break habits, innovate traditions, get rid of the weight of many objects. To respect the environment, restore and recycle, activating a virtuous circular economy.

This is our challenge. Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook is the perfect result of this process.


Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook is created thanks to the synergies between professional and creative Italian minds.


Graphite and steel rewrite the laws of attraction to always be free to connect with your thoughts and your creativity, without the need for Wi-Fi or electricity. A unique writing instrument where the cover of the notebook – which uses a thin strip of steel (protected by a patent) coming 60% from the recovery and recycling of scrap – magnetically attracts to itself Perpetua the pencil, the first and only pencil in graphite recovered from industrial production processes.

Technical specifications


  • Height: cm 21
  • Width: cm 14,8
  • Thickness: cm 1
  • Sheets: 128

Perpetua the accessories

Perpetua g_case

Conceived as an extension of pockets, g_case is the ideal place to hold all the essentials in a small space.


Available in 4 graphic designs, g_case is sewn entirely using natural cotton thread without the use of glues and is printed with a pigment deriving from graphite powder waste. It has a red and black rubber zip. A useful, innovative and eco-sustainable design object that has become a member of the Perpetua family.

Technical specifications


  • Height: cm 17
  • Width: cm 28
  • Thickness: cm 1

g_case is unique and revolutionary: we chose to produce it using Made in Italy natural cotton fabric, 50% deriving from post-production recycling. ICEA Certificate.

g_case graphic designs are printed with g_ink, a pigment made with recycled graphite powder, the same used for Perpetua the pencil, which offers a perfect alternative to chemical dyes.

Corporate social responsibility

g_case is sewn entirely by hand, in collaboration with Socially Made In Italy, a non-profit organization for the promotion of labour within women’s prisons. Ethics, fashion and human rights produce a virtuous combination that provides work for 60 women in 8 craft workshops of excellence.

A production system certified by the Italian Ministry of Justice SIGILLO brand in compliance with trade union agreements and to ensure the socially useful impact of the work.

To make g_case more practical, its designer Marta Giardini has added a convenient ergonomic handle that converts into a convenient ergonomic handle.

With four different graphic designs and a customizable handle, with g_case everyone can express their creativity.

Perpetua the notebook

To make writing with Perpetua the pencil even more enjoyable, we have designed its ideal companion: Perpetua the notebook. Available in four graphic designs created by the designer Marta Giardini, Perpetua the notebook is perfect to record thoughts and ideas, without depriving the planet of a single tree.

Technical specifications


  • Height: cm 21
  • Width: cm 14,8
  • Thickness: cm 0,4
  • Sheets: 32

No tree has been cut down to produce the pages of Perpetua the notebook, which are made of recycled paper. The cover is made of Ecophilosophy paper (FSC Certified). A wear and water resistant unique paper, conceived in the 1960s and originally designed to contain heavy and damp products, such as flour, grain, glues and concrete.

For the very first time, thanks to us, Ecophilosophy paper has been used in an original and alternative way.
It is printed using ECO-friendly inks and a innovative photovoltaic system that saves large amounts of CO2.

Like the other objects from the perpetua we had to invent it universe, perpetua the notebook can be customized with your sustainable message.

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