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Perpetua the pencil for G7 Taormina: a gift that tells the story of the country.

Perpetua the pencil for G7 Taormina: a gift that tells the story of the country.

Perpetua the pencil is the message that was chosen by the Italian Presidency at the G7. It’s a gift that talks about sustainability and innovation, for the guests of the international delegations who will meet in Taormina for the G7 Summit on the 26th and 27th of May.

The beauty of Italy is in its monuments, in its cultural history, in its unique biodiversity and variety of landscapes. Its in the creativity and artistic genius of our country, the home of design.

The beauty of Italy is in it’s commitment to innovate, to build a future that focuses on the Planet and the people who inhabit it, in the view of those who see in an industrial waste a valuable resource that can be reinvented.

Il welcome kit by Alisea con Perpetua la matita

Pack G7 2017 Taormina

In the year of the Italian G7 Presidency a gift was needed that could communicate all of this. A simple object capable of narrating the complexity of a country known and admired throughout the world for the variety of its beauty.
An exceptional gift was needed, an Italian gift to welcome the guests of the Summit in Taormina on the 26th of May: the seven leaders of state of the major advanced economies and the international delegations from all over the world.

A message that talked about technological innovation, new productive processes and design, attention to the environment and the recovery and reuse of a precious and non-renewable antique material such as graphite.

Perpetua G7 Italy and G7 Taormina are two special editions that carry on their packaging the symbol of the place where the Summit will take place: the famous Teatro Antico di Taormina.
An evocative architectural masterpiece, built by the colonists of Magna Grecia and later acknowledged by the Romans, the perfect witness of our cultural roots.

Perpetua tailor made, per il G7 di Taormina


Perpetua is the first “writing object” made in Zantech, a new innovative and technological material made of 80% recovered graphite. It holds a European patent both for the product itself and for its production process.
Its characteristics are:

  • It’s non-toxic
  • It’s the first pencil that allows you to dispose of 15 grams of graphite powder otherwise destined to be buried in a landfill.
  • It does not get your hands dirty, and no protective vanish was used.
  • It has a flat side that does not make it roll away, it can be sharpened but it writes also without tip.
  • Its rubber is available in ten different colors and it forms a unique body with the writing part of the pencil, without the use of glue.
  • It is shock-resistant, if it falls it does not break and, unlike all other pencils, it does not need the two classic wooden cases glued together to protect the fragile graphite body.
  • It is 100% Made in Italy, as well as being the only pencil produced in Italy.
Perpetua la matita verde per il G7 2017 di Taormina

For Perpetua the pencil’s design, the architect Marta Giardini was awarded in Milan with the Honorable Mention at the prestigious international competition Compasso D’oro 2016.

Perpetua the pencil is a product of Alisea Recycled & Reused Design Object, leader for over 20 years’ in the ideation and production of design objects Made in Italy uniquely with recovered and recycled materials.

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