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Unique in the world, printed with an ink made of recycled graphite, ergonomic and functional:
here comes g-case, designed as an extension of your pockets to contain all-essential objects in a little space.

just don’t call it a case.

PERPETUA’s family welcomes a new design object that fully expresses its values, beauty and functionality: it’s Perpetua G-CASE, designed by Marta Giardini, winner of the honorable mention of Compasso d’Oro 2016 for perpetua the pencil.

Made with natural cotton fiber, it is equipped with a red or black rubber zipper inspired by the food grade rubber of Perpetua the pencil.

The four design textures – created by Marta Giardini – have optical, linear, geometric, essential moods and give G-CASE its dynamic and unmistakable character.


Unique and revolutionary, perpetua G-CASE (where G stands for graphite) is different from all others because it is printed with G-INK: a new and innovative black ink, designed by Alisea, non-polluting and made of recovered graphite powder obtained from industrial production processes, the same used for Perpetua the pencil.

also G-INK, therefore, is conceived on the basis of recovery and reuse, environmental protection and circular economy’s principles.

Ergonomic and practical, thanks to its “loop belt” that turns into a handle, G-CASE is designed as an extension of your pockets to hold everything you need in a small space.

It is ideal to take with you and to accommodate the all-essential objects of your day: smartphone, travel documents, money, battery charger, lipstick, energy bar, car keys, home keys, and – of course – writing tools such as Perpetua the pencil.

In addition, G-CASE can be transformed into an even more unique and original object by customizing its “loop belt” with messages not only for business communication but also for private uses.


G-CASE is entirely sewn by hand, using cotton thread, in collaboration with Socially Made in Italy,  a non-prot association for the promotion of labor within women’s prisons: a community that acts among ethics, fashion and human rights and which unites fashion brands and social cooperatives dealing with employment issues.

Perpetua G-CASE can be customized using our Tailor Made service.  Discover more
Perpetua changes your style of writing! Perpetua the notebook is different from the others.
Available in four different design
The cover

The cover is in ECOPHILOSOPHY, an embossed paper created in the sixties originally for
industrial bags that had to contain and stock heavy and moist products, such as flour, bran, glue, and cement. It is a special material, able to resist to wear, tear, and highly water-repellent. Today, “for the very first time”, Perpetua the notebook adopts the Ecophilosophy paper in an alternative and original way. The covers in Ecophilosophy paper are printed with environmentally friendly inks in a solar power plant.

The “O-RINGs”

The two “O-RINGs” elastic bands that seal Perpetua the notebook are made in Italy, with natural rubber, and coloured with natural ingredients. Perpetua has re-interpreted “O-RINGs”, hydraulic seals originally just black, for the first time and has transformed them into multicolored bracelets to wear.

Perpetua the notebook can be customized using our Tailor Made service.  Discover more


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