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perpetua lumina blu

Perpetua Lumina


Perpetua Lumina is a bright vision of the future, the result of the research on energy efficiency by Lucedentro and of the philosophy of recycling and reusing by Alisea.

Don’t know Perpetua the pencil?



Perpetua Lumina is the result of collaboration between researchers, designers, architects and developers and shines a new light on the world of writing, going beyond past technologies by innovating them, while respecting nature and the environment. The rubber of Perpetua Lumina attracts and retains sunlight (or artificial light) and then returns it in the dark with a gradually waning intensity, spreading a charming and magical fluorescent light in the exclusive blue or green colors. The packaging of Perpetua Lumina is made of FSC 400 g Curious Metallics cardboard, produced by Air Jowiggings, for a metallic effect.


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