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Perpetua the notebook


Each set contains four Perpetua notebooks in four different colors and graphics.
This is the perfect object on which to write with Perpetua: made of 100% recycled paper and the cover page in Eco-philosophy paper.
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Different from all the others because its cover page is made using for the first time a type of paper which was born in the 60’s for industrial purposes: ECO-PHILOSOPHY paper, printed with ecological and natural inks derived from soybeans in a facility powered by the sun, thanks to a latest-generation photovoltaic system. The notebook is closed with two “O-RING” made in natural rubber and which can be used as multi-colored bracelets.
No tree has been cut down to produce its pages, they are entirely made of 100% recycled paper. It has been designed by Marco Bertolini and is 100% Made in Italy. Each set contains four notebooks, each in a different graphic and color:
Yellow, White, Red and Green.


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