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Antonella is a naturopath.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of learning to her. Her studies first and her job then led her to study the properties of plants and the effect of climate, weather and feelings, as well as to have a keen eye for details of the world and people. With this in mind, Antonella gives me her own Recipe for Perpetual Motion:

Observe the tree.
Wait for the bud to form on its branches.
Observe its buds.
Wait for them to bloom and become flowers.
Observe the flowers.
Wait for them to wilt and drop petals.
Observe the soil.
Wait for dropped petals to mix with the soil and nourish the tree.
Observe the tree.
Life is so hectic now and we forget that nature is self-sustaining, self-regenerating, and continuously transforming itself. As part of it, we are the same.
Recycling is nothing new, just new awareness inspired by the certain cycles of Mother Nature.
A tree in winter is apparently still and lifeless but it has new life within - it just waits for the right moment to express it. Recycling means having another chance.
That is the Recipe for Perpetual Motion. I’ll show you now some of the very important 38 Bach Flower remedies, each for a different emotional state. Four of them are here, with Perpetua the pencil:

MIMULUS (Bach flower no. 20)
It is used to counter fears. It is used for those who have fear of fear and feel that everything is so difficult to face.

OLIVE (Bach flower no. 23)
It restores strength to continue an effort and brings relief from physical and mental exhaustion.

MUSTARD (Bach flower no. 21)
It is used for those who suffer from deep feelings of melancholy and sadness and total gloom for no clear reason.

BEECH (Bach flower no. 3)
It is meant for those who are always finding faults in other people or things, and for those who only harbor resentments. It brings patience and tolerance.


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