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It has been uniting people forever. It leads them to overcome their limits, share their joys and sorrows, raising them to a status equal to the gods and making tears fall down the faces of the losers.

Talent and determination, self-discipline and ambition, solidarity and sharing all mix in an event that is rooted in ancient Greece – where wars stopped every four years – and that still puts the people of the world together in a festive atmosphere. These are the Olympic Games, the greatest sporting event, where sport shows itself and teaches its values to all people.

Perpetua has shared those inspirational values since it was created. These same values represent the most honest sporting spirit.
The hard work needed to achieve results, the careful development of strategies before a competition, the ongoing search for innovation and perfection. Up to sharing the results with all those who support and believe in us, and love becomes stronger and stronger, year after year.
Some deeply human activities – such as art and sport – are meant to unite people, and they arise from the will to share something, to bring innovation for a better self and a better future.

This has led to Perpetua Olimpica (Olympic Perpetua), with the collaboration of sculptor Salavat Fidai. Once again, Perpetua is a work of art, celebrating with you the values it shares with sport in its ultimate expression: The Olympic Games.

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