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Scrigno for Perpetua

Scrigno for Perpetua

A unique intuition that becomes an invention and Plans out the future of immersive merchandising.
A story that talks about sharing and innovation.

Mick Odelli, CEO of both Senso and DrawLight, is talking about immersive experiences, senses and technology on the stage of TEDxVicenza 2015 – Planting the Seeds; Susanna Martucci, re-evolutionary CEO of Alisea, is in the audience, and listening to his talk she has an intuition: together with Mich she will finally be able to create a display for Perpetua la matita that communicates and excites.

The following week Andrea Manticò, art director of both TEDxVicenza and Perpetua, will get Susanna and Mick together; this time, they are sitting at a table, determined to start a collaboration that will last months and will involve a team of engineers, architects, graphic designers, professionals in materials technology and in engineering processes. A work of synergy and shared values to realize a project with a strong technologic and innovative essence; Elisa, the designer that projected the shape, Marco, who’s hands transformed the project in the actual object, Alberto, the engineer that invented the technologic soul and Drawlight, the team that created and realized the emotional contents, making “Scrigno for Perpetua” the first glimpse of the retail of the future.

“Scrigno for” is an innovative display, compact and portable, that allows the product to showcase its story and its value, thanks to a system of dynamic contents, describing its characteristics, its potential, bringing to life an original and exciting experience, almost magic. Technology, innovation and marketing co-exist in this unique portable display, able to revolutionize with creativity and originality visual merchandising and in-store promotion.

Through “Scrigno for Perpetua”, Perpetua can communicate in a unique way its stories and values: writing while disposing of 15 gr of graphite that otherwise would have ended underground or in a landfill, thanks to the innovative patented process to realize it. Perpetua is able to reveal its true essence, surfacing from waste material, raising to an object that is desirable and part of everyday’s life. Perpetua is not only a writing tool, but also part of a lifestyle, one that believes in respecting our planet.

In a day and age where technologic innovation tends to choose digital, “Scrigno for” tries to turn around this trend by using technology to spotlight the importance of the physical storefront and of the shopping experience, where you can discover the product, get to know it and fall in love with it.

Scrigno is a patented product.

Created in collaboration with Alisea and developed inside the department R&D of SensoTM.
Scrigno is the result of sharing and synergy, conceived by an idea that was then nurtured and harvested with passion, dedication and skills. Scrigno is for everybody!

Susanna Martucci (Alisea), re-evolutionary entrepreneur
Mick Odelli (Senso and DrawLight), innovation consultant
Elisa Basso (Senso), product designer
Alberto Vazzola (Senso), engineering technologist
Andrea Manticò (Caratti e Poletto), art director – video script
Matteo Tabacco (Raptor Studio), compositor – originali music for the video


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