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Silnova® and Perpetua the pencil, innovation that shines

Silnova® and Perpetua the pencil, innovation that shines

Legor Group chooses Perpetua, the pencil that wasn’t there before, to present to the world SILNOVA®, its new and innovative silver alloy.

When innovation is inspired by tradition, the results can only be unique, different from any other. Something that, like Perpetua la matita, wasn’t there before.

SILNOVA® is an innovative alloy: without needing galvanic treatments, equal to a gold alloy and 20 times stronger than silver Sterling, it stays shiny over time. Thanks to its unique color, white and very luminous, it is unique compared to any other silver available on the market.

A new and precious material, protected by patent pending internationally.

To present it to VicenzaOro January 2017, the most important expo in the field, a unique edition of Perpetua the pencil was created, together with Legor Group. A silver plaque was applied directly to the body of the pencil.

Legorgroup, silnova, comunica con Perpetua la matita

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