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Perpetua inside the prestigious

MoMA Design Store

Perpetua passes the 8 steps necessary to be in the MoMA Design Store in New York.

This thanks to the September 2017 edition of Maison & Object, in Paris. Between the New York MoMA, the most important museum of contemporary art in the world, and Perpetua the pencil, it was love at first sight. However, to become part of the Design Store of the iconic museum on 53 Street, Perpetua, as all the items you can find in the store, had to go through a strict selection structured in 8 steps.

Every item has to be consistent with both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition.

It has to be in compliance with certain standards, like the ability to innovate in terms of materials, functionality, and technology.

It has to be educational for the younger generations and iconic.

Perpetua the pencil made the cut with flying colors, confirming again how she is not just a pencil, but an item able to transform intangible values into tangible expressions. 

A new production process for Perpetua the pencil, why?

Because we never stop investing in innovation.
Because constantly improving the quality is in our DNA.

It's been three years since Perpetua hit the market and we decided to invest time, resources and expertise in designing and creating a new moulding method to improve its performance.

Our aim is to grow globally, so we decided to invest to improve its quality.
We quadrupled the production capacity, reduced almost to zero the trimmings, reduced the CO2 emissions, improved the pencil’s stroke.
We want to keep contributing to reduce the impact on the environment of industrial production, for a better future of our Planet and the people that live in it.

Perpetua Universe

Through research, ideation, innovation and technology,
scraps of raw materials – otherwise destined to destruction – can be reborn.

From the meeting with Victor Perez at TEDxVicenza,
a unique Perpetua has been created::


During the second edition of TedxVicenza Victor Perez, director, producer, screenwriter, and special effects artist, and Susanna Martucci, CEO of
Alisea and the mind behind Perpetua the pencil, meet.

Perez falls in love with Perpetua the pencil, sharing her same values, and decides to spread her message.
With a personalized packaging with Perez’s signature engraved with laser on the flat side, Perpetua becomes the business card that wasn’t there before. And so Perpetua Signature Edition was created.


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The stars to light up the future of fashion.

What burns is not always evident and visible. Fire can hide in the hot coals for a long time before flaring up again. Some ideas act the same way. Sometimes an intuition builds up amidst total indifference, until it becomes an idea and, when it finds the right fuel, it explodes to the point of igniting actual revolutions.
There’s nothing stronger than the right idea at the right time. When the stars align, nothing is impossible.

wradscope-kit WRAD for YOOX with Perpetua la matita

From the intuition to give new life to materials, over twenty years ago, ALISEA was born.

When ALISEA was asked to give a second chance to graphite – industrial waste destined to be buried in landfills – PERPETUA the pencil was born. The only pencil produced in Italy, that allows to dispose of 15 grams of graphite while writing, soon became the ambassador – innovative and sustainable – of a message: a tangible item that can display intangible values.

When Perpetua joined the movement and purpose brand WRÅD, the GRAPHI-TEE™ was created: the only T-shirt in the world dyed with scrap graphite – the same used for PERPETUA – and winner of the Best of the Best 2017 award at the RedDot Design Award. YOOX, the lifestyle online store, leader in the world of fashion, design and art, in 2009 launches YOOXIGEN, the YOOX area concerning environmental and social responsibility, born with the objective to spread awareness to the consumer. When YOOXIGEN AND WRÅD meet, the stars align and the forces come together.

WRÅDoscope is born, where stars shine on the future  – sustainable and innovative – of fashion. A capsule collection of twelve t-shirts, genderless, personalized with exclusive graphics, featuring the zodiac signs and horoscopes, studied to invite us to live a more conscious and sustainable 2018 also towards the fashion system. Every T-shirt comes with a special edition of PERPETUA the pencil. The project WRÅDoscope proposes to give another tool to consumers that want to become an active part of the revolution process of the fashion system.

The purpose of WRÅDoscope is to inspire the market and reveal intangible values, of social and environmental nature, through tangible means. It seems as the circle closed, the circle opened by Alisea over two decades ago. Instead it’s a spiral that, at every turn, grows and improves over time. ALISEA, PERPETUA, WRÅD e YOOX, actors that share the same vision oriented towards a future where innovation serves sustainability, from a circular economy perspective.

Actors that unite their strength to amplify the impact of this idea and to be an active part of the fashion system’s revolution. WRÅDoscope is a special horoscope: it can’t read the future but invites to create it, through sustainability and innovation.

WRÅD: not just an innovative start-up

WRÅD is born as a cultural movement in Europe in 2015 and, since then, it grew to become a technologic innovator, developing a new circular and sustainable dye, that today is Patent Pending, and a purpose brand. WRÅD is co-founded by Matteo Ward, ex Sr. manager of Abercrombie and Fitch and co-chair of the A&F Diversity and Inclusion Council, Silvia Giovanardi, ex responsible for the graphic dept. of  ETRO Men, and Victor Santiago, fashion photographer. In 2015 they leave their job to entertain the possibility to realize their vision of this industry, developing, synergistically, solutions that identify their manifesto: innovative, original, sustainable and accessible.

Not just fashion with WRÅD, but a new way, a new model of democratic business, inclusive and participative, where the consumer has the chance to become investor in products with a purpose.

«The fashion industry is one of the most polluting sector in the world, right behind the oil business. There is a serious problem of mismatched information when it comes to this world and its users. WRÅD's aim is to catalyze the growth of a smarter fashion industry, innovative and sustainable, generating awareness and inspiring the market to display intangible values through tangible products. Besides being a brand, it's also a lifestyle, for those that want to contribute to change» WRÅD.

GRAPHI-TEE™: the features

A design inspired by tradition thanks to the process of dyeing, that goes back to a technique handed down through the centuries from the inhabitants of Monterosso Calabro. To create GRAPHI-TEE™ the founders of WRÅD experimented this antique technique, recovering the scrap of graphite, otherwise destined to the landfills: this is how a new innovative material was created, g_pwdr®, composed by 60% of recycled powder, brought to liquid suspension. GRAPHI-TEE™ is the first t-shirt able to recover up to 10 grams of scrap graphite during the dyeing phase.

Graphite is a non-toxic carbon-based mineral and a natural lubricant, able to lend to the fabric developed for GRAPHI-TEE™ by Walter Corriga of Tessile EcoBio – a jersey jacquard made of organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) – softness and uniqueness. GRAPHI-TEE™ was designed by Silvia Giovanardi, Creative Director and co-founder of WRÅD, and made in Rimini by TM Project.


YOOX, was founded in 2000, it’s the lifestyle online store leader in the world of fashion, design and art. YOOX offers an infinite selection of products, including: a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men and women from the most important designers in the world, a unique assortment of design items, exclusive collaborations with renowned international artists, brands that pay particular attention to social and environmental responsibility and children fashion.


Launched on Earth Day in 2009, YOOXYGEN is the YOOX area concerning environmental and social responsibility, born with the objective to spread awareness to the consumer. Thanks to its several collaborations with international organizations, like Green Cross International, and the projects developed with designers and influencers like Vivienne Westwood, Livia Firth and Amber Valletta, YOOXYGEN is a point of reference for responsible fashion consumers all over the world. 2017 represents a milestone for YOOXYGEN, announcing the partnership with The New School’s Parsons School of Design, that will encourage the utilization of sustainable practices in the fashion industry through educational activities and special collaborations.

With Coin, Perpetua feels right at home.

Perpetua la matita e coincasa

Starting November 29, Perpetua the pencil will collaborate with Coincasa to bring on the Christmas spirit, dedicated to sustainable innovation Made in Italy.

The collaboration will continue even in the spring of 2018, when Coincasa will present a new eclectic and contemporary collection, that aims to explore the subject of reusing materials: a research that produces items with a story to tell and, at the same time, high quality and functional objects.

You can find the entire Perpetua collection in selected Coin stores, to discover it go to the Store Locator  page on our official website.

Where there is beauty, Perpetua the pencil feels right at home.
dispenser perpetua®

Coincasa is a Coin brand dedicated to home decoration, that interprets the Italian lifestyle with creativity and passion. The collections are unique, thanks to the attention to details, the continuous offer of new patterns and designs and the quality of the materials utilized. The contemporary style and the original mix&fusion that represent the style of Coincasa bring personality and a touch of exclusivity to every home.

Coincasa Store Locator

Find a Coin store close to you

      The Museum that invented the brand-building and Perpetua the pencil: when design is the tangible expression of intangible values.

      Twenty years ago the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao opened, becoming an icon in a short amount of time and changing the economy of the Basque region. Its impact was huge; besides giving Frank Gehry visibility and recognition, it changed radically the way people approached museums.

      By using innovative techniques, Ghery projected and realized a building able to capture the complex identity of Bilbao and of the Basque Country. Today, after twenty years, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in an effort to represent and define that identity at its best, marries the values of Perpetua la Matita, the pencil that wasn’t there before.

      A special Tailor Made edition was created, where Perpetua blends in with the complex geometric patterns that belong to the Museum and becomes a messenger of the values they share.

      Perpetua® Guggenheim

      You desire it, We create it

      Tailor Made is the division of ALISEA in charge of developing communication and promotional projects both for companies and individuals through the customization of Perpetua la matita and its accessories: the note book and the G-Case.

      The use of several innovative techniques of customization transform both the pencil and the notebook into exclusive objects not only for corporate communication puproses but also for all private activities aimed at celebrating a special occasion or an important event (weddings, graduations, anniversaries or else) in a unique and original way.

      Research aimed to innovation, dedication to exceed the limits, support to the athletes of today, so they can be the champions of the future.

      Arena® designs high performing bathing suits for athletes of several teams: Italy, France, Germany, United States, England, Australia and for many other international teams that will participate to the FINA World Championships in Budapest.

      The continuous research of arena® in order to create innovative products marries well with Perpetua’s values, which will be by the pool for the event and will be dressed up with the same graphics of the fall winter 2017 Arena collection of bathing suits that the Arena athletes will be wearing.

      Forza Italia!

      Perpetua tailor made, in collaborazione con Arena

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      Legor Group chooses Perpetua, the pencil that wasn’t there before, to present to the world SILNOVA®, its new and innovative silver alloy.

      When innovation is inspired by tradition, the results can only be unique, different from any other. Something that, like Perpetua la matita, wasn’t there before.

      SILNOVA® is an innovative alloy: without needing galvanic treatments, equal to a gold alloy and 20 times stronger than silver Sterling, it stays shiny over time. Thanks to its unique color, white and very luminous, it is unique compared to any other silver available on the market.

      A new and precious material, protected by patent pending internationally.

      To present it to VicenzaOro January 2017, the most important expo in the field, a unique edition of Perpetua the pencil was created, together with Legor Group. A silver plaque was applied directly to the body of the pencil.

      Legorgroup, silnova, comunica con perpetua la matita

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      Perpetua is not only a pencil.

      It is a communication object that uses its history to tell the values behind its conception and design.

      Everyone who shares its values can find the right object to tell their own story.
      Perpetua is the symbol chosen by everyone who adopts a new way of conceiving and reusing the resources available, because in nature ”nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”. It is the symbol of a necessary revolution which is made with a simple object.

      Since it is made of 80% recycled graphite, no trees were felled for its construction. Perpetua is about values and a mission that we need to undertake together – a creative, more responsible generation will develop the technology and innovations needed to work while respecting people and the environment in the future.
      This is Alisea‘s original entrepreneurial mission and, with Perpetua, it recycles tons of graphite powder that would be otherwise destined for landfill.

      A project combining eco-sustainability and innovation.

      We believe that this is the reason why many private individuals and businesses have chosen and customized it to embody their values.

      Perpetua has turned into an object that combines eco-sustainability and innovation with every company’s values. It has become the tool they use to talk about their products or brand, a new chapter of many different corporate histories. Customizations are more and more frequent: This develops and improves the ”tailor-made” service so that the pencil becomes a way to communicate values.

      Customization now goes beyond the pencil’s graphics and packaging – it moves to a higher level of integration. The Perpetua Team and Gruppo Mastrotto have deployed their creative and communicative potential in order to make a unique Perpetua, which gives new life not only to graphite but also leather scraps.

      Gruppo Mastrotto is a leading company in the processing of cattle hides

      and it has a long tradition of tanning with new, innovative technologies and services.

      Gruppo Mastrotto express is the latest one: An immediate delivery service for leather, with over 1,000 colors available worldwide ready to be shipped within 48 hours of your order. The Express Service by Gruppo Mastrotto enables designers, stylists, and new makers to create prototypes, capsule collections or short-run production freely and with no limits.

      Five different colored leather strips, symbolizing decades of tradition and research at Gruppo Mastrotto, have been blended with Perpetua, which means that they both wear down by using and sharpening it. A Perpetua made of reused leather that literally shows the company’s history and becomes its witness and narrator at the same time.
      The Perpetua by Gruppo Mastrotto praises creativity and experiments with new leather future developments.

      Start a project with us
      Tell us what your idea of a Perpetua® is, we will do the rest.








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