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TEDxVicenza 2019 official Gift

TEDxVicenza 2019 official Gift

The official gift of #TRANSITIONS, is the essence of this magnetism that combines ideas, materials and innovative processes with the networking spirit of our #TEDxVicenza partners.

And now it’s your turn. Write down your Transitions and lead change, with us.

In the transition towards change, we break habits, innovate traditions, we get rid of the weight of many objects. To respect the environment, restore and recycle, activating a virtuous circular economy. This is our challenge.

Magnetism is the perfect result of this process. A new resource created thanks to synergies between the professional and creative minds of our territory. To take advantage of technology, to unleash once more the power of our hands and minds. To feel free to be connected with our ideas and creativity. To write a brand new page of our story. [continue]

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