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The art of holding a pencil


Luc is Flemish , he is an English teacher.

He can work easily with chalk, blackboards, pens, papers and computers. But do not talk to him about pencils.
Sitting in the University café, because of the typical curiosity of good teachers, he looks interested at Perpetua, which he vaguely heard about, and then before the class he said why he does not get along with the category..

My brother is good at drawing, my father too.
I don't remember an envelope without a one of my father's drawings, just to make it more personal!
On the contrary, I have no skills of drawing, I feel quite embarrassed because it doesn't come easily, or natural for me.
A pencil is rather something functional for me. In fact there is always a pencil on my desk.
If you use a pen, it can stop working, because of humidity or because you don't use it a lot, or something... A pencil always works.
Because of that there is always a pencil nearby, also in my car.
A pencil is definitely a good invention, but, but...I don't particularly like the feeling of a pencil because I am not good at holding it.
Nobody teaches us how to do it!
The flat side of Perpetua, which is quite unusual, makes it comfortable to use.
I can even try...ok, I try.


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