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The four elements

The four elements

Small gestures can make a big difference.

Adding an apparently minor detail to a painting can give a new meaning to it and create new ideas, new inspirations, new stories. Perpetua celebrates the four elements that combine in different, endless ways to make up the world. The artistic flair of Anna Piratti makes Perpetua the static center around which those four basic elements revolve. That gives birth to new ways of telling what nature is made up of. Perpetua is used as the vehicle to show that the earth has an utterly delicate balance, which must be preserved by protecting its resources.

That is possible even with small gestures, in everyday details, that can really make a big difference.

The four natural elements are meant as states of matter aggregation.

FIRE, burning state.
Pictured: graphite log, sweet chestnut flames, wood support.

WATER, liquid state.
Pictured: graphite sea bottom, sweet chestnut flames, digital fish, wood support.

AIR, gas state.
Pictured: graphite horizon, sweet chestnut flames, digital crows, wood support.

EARTH, solid state.
Pictured: graphite vase, sweet chestnut leaves, digital flowers, wood support.

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