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The opportunity to create


making something possible, what was not there before

Annemartine is of Dutch origin, she grew up in Luxembourg and she works for a bank.

She is passionate about photography and loves travelling. One afternoon we met for a tea and she started doodling with Perpetua. She looked at it as if it was an unknown, new thing – to throw it without breaking it was in fact really astonishing to her. Then she said she needed some time to re-establish a relationship to a pencil because she did not use it anymore. At one point she said that it was like her – AnneMartine is a tall girl. After some minutes’ silence, she added: ‘No, I am not like her, I think I am not so hard inside…’ And she smiled.

Pencil is a nice item, you can use it for a long time. And, meanwhile, you can really find yourself in this personal relationship. With a pencil you can create something new, a tale, a poem, a drawing, just the two of you. In fact, the two of us, like a team, can create something new. But this is always true. I have never thought about it!