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The pencil

Disposing by writing

A unique intuition that becomes invention and that projects the future.

Each of us, using Perpetua, can save 15 grams of material otherwise destined to be hidden under the ground.

Perpetua, however, tenacious and determined to carry out its task, is revealed in its essence, re-emerges from the status of waste and becomes an object to desire and to bring into everyone’s daily life. Not only a choice of writing but also and most of all a choice of lifestyle in respect of our Planet.

A new concept of pencil

In her identity card bears “peculiar signs” that can’t be found anywhere else.

Perpetua goes beyond the concept of “traditional pencil” because its identity card bears “peculiar signs” that can’t be found anywhere else. It has a flat side which prevents it from rolling away.

The graphite is not protected by the usual wooden case but is combined with a licensed chemical compound, Zantech®, which prevents fragility and breakage problems and creates a protective layer that doesn’t make hands dirty.

Innovative writing

A real revolution in the world of writing.

Perpetua is the first writing object made from Zantech®, an innovative, high-tech material made of 80% recycled graphite.

Perpetua, produced in Italy, is registered under an European patent both as product and production process.

Perpetua does not break

Writing made to last.

Perpetua is the solution to the fragility of a traditional lead pencil.

Perpetua does not break when dropped, and keeps writing even if broken in two and without a tip.
When broken in two, Perpetua can still be used: two smaller Perpetuas, in fact, are generated, two new writing objects:
because the promise of Perpetua is to be destined to last.

Unique with style

New colors, new decoration elements and new looks.

As a young woman with a charming and extrovert personality, PERPETUA loves to exhalt her character and to express her style through small and peculiar details which make her unique: new colors, new decoration elements and new looks.

Both elegant and functional, PERPETUA is a “cult” object to collect, a symbol of a way of being and feeling.


Special Edition

The Pencil becomes a jewel

Like a charming and outgoing young lady, Perpetua loves to enhance her character and to express her style through those small, essential details that make her unique.

This time, Perpetua surprises with the sparkling and original Glitter Edition look: the decoration of Perpetua Glitter is obtained by the combination of creek’s sand – sifted and cleaned – and flakes of recycled colored aluminum.

The pencil dresses up in gold

A special edition that comes with a cool look and a touch of glamour whose exclusive features are one side of gold and a larger pack silkscreened in gold.

Beauty, play, elegance make Perpetua Gold Edition a design object ideal to treat yourself, an original gift for the Christmas holidays or for all those occasions when you want to leave an unmistakable sign.

A new light in the world of writing.

PERPETUA LUMINA is a “bright view” of the future, synthesis of the research on energy conservation conducted by LUCEDENTRO – R&D company devoted to photoluminescence, focused on green and renewable energy – and of the philosophy of recycling and re-use, combined with creative design, of ALISEA.

The rubber of PERPETUA LUMINA attracts and retains sunlight (or artificial light) and then returns it in the dark with a gradually waning intensity. Its fluorescent light – either blue or green – becomes a charming and magical presence in the night hours: an original detail for the adults, a new friend against the fear of the dark for the children.

Perpetua Monumental

Perpetua Monumental is a project launched together with Fusarte. Perpetua the pencil pays homage to the beauty of historical Italian architecture and the huge legacy of its masterpieces, among which Milan’s Cathedral stands out. The mark of the revolutionary recycled graphite pencil gives life to illustrations and subjects on the packaging and the pencil – their smart, bright colors highlight the joyful, easy-going character of Perpetua the pencil. Perpetua Monumental can represent Florence’s Duomo, Verona’s Roman Arena, Milan’s Duomo or Venice’s Grand Canal. It’s a trip through Italy’s hallmarks taken through Perpetua and its packaging: a joyful, creative version as well as innovative and eco-friendly.

Which hand do you sharpen your Perpetua with?

Perpetua the Pencil is for everyone! For both left – and right-handers.

The versatile idea behind its Special Pack “Back to School and Work” takes into account not only the hand you use for writing, but also the hand you use for sharpening the pencil, although Perpetua also writes if it is broken or blunt.
Just choose: A yellow sharpener if you are left-handed and a red sharpener if you are right- handed. We propose two versions, because we have also taken into account the hand that you more likely use for sharpening

Perpetua Sweet Life Collection

Perpetua Sweet Life Collection is a limited edition created in collaboration with designer Marta Giardini.

Only 3000 Perpetua have been created for each of the 4 pastel colors (Yellow, Green; Light Blue, Pink) available, anticipating the new trends for 2018. These new colors are an addition to the 10 already existing. Every Perpetua is engraved on the flat side with the production number.

An even more unique Perpetua, a collectible Perpetua.

Perpetua and you

There are many ways to get in touch with Perpetua world. Which one is yours?

The solution for companies who want to customize unique and original Perpetua products.
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