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Trip of Perpetua, Alice, and Alvise to Sri Lanka

Trip of Perpetua, Alice, and Alvise to Sri Lanka

While they were traveling in Sri Lanka, Alvise and Alice emailed us. They had their Perpetua on them. The magic atmosphere, its hospitality, its purity led to a special encounter in the heart of the ‘shining island’.

Alvise’s email to the Perpetua team reads like this:

“Alice and I went walking in the countryside around our hotel.

A man said hello from his garden and, curious, he asked us where we were from. He then invited us in his garden and proudly showed us his collection of parrots.

His grandson was walking around the garden. We gave him a Perpetua to show our gratitude for their hospitality.

It obviously became his favorite object ever – he very proudly put it in the basket of his bicycle!

Perpetua has now become our way to say thanks to those extremely nice people that remind us that there is still hope for men, even here in the heart of Sri Lanka.”

Perpetua, the pencil in the southernmost point of Sri Lanka.

Photos and text by Alvise Bortolato


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