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A word is like a seed


Michele composes verses for music and has a passion for tattoos.

His idea of recycling and reuse is very special. To Michele, recycling is first a state of mind, a discipline that involves body and soul. Renewing the skin with tattoo painting is its most evident expression but he explains, through a metaphor, that there’s a subtler way of recycling.

Let’s imagine that a word is like a seed.
Depending on the soil, the season, the wind or lack of it, cold or heat, that seed will bear either a flower, a fruit or it will disperse.
When we use words, we sow.
And, in turn, we are like fertile or arid soil.
I love to place my words on a field that does not belong to vocabulary or the common use of a language. That generates new images, new points of view, new ideas.
Those who recycle - however they do it - open a window and let new, fresh air in.
When you recycle, you sow.
Spacecraft, Circles, To swim, Dries. They are the latest words I recycled in collaboration with Perpetua, the pencil.


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