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Perpetua® and Wråd bring to the theatrean Xbag to discover: the G_Bag

From a DNA made of shared values and vision, projects with common goals are born: products that want to reduce the environmental and social impact through innovative productive cycles of circular economy.


This is what happened thanks to the collaboration between Susanna Martucci, founder and CEO of Alisea and Perpetua and Matteo Ward, co-founder of the purpose-brand WRÅD.

For the fourth edition of TEDxVicenza – from ME to WE – Alisea, Perpetua and WRÅD shared what can be created from pursuing continuous innovation and acting synergically. This year, in fact, waiting for the audience of the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, there was G_Bag.

G_Bag is a satchel made in Kitotex denim treated with g_pwdr technology by Alisea. g_pwdr technology s a new and innovative dyeing treatment process that utilizes graphite powder recovered from industrial processes as pigment, the same used by Perpetua the pencil.

Compared to the methods currently being used, g_pwdr technology:

  • reduces the consumption of water by 90%

  • reduces the waste of electricity by 47%

  • doesn’t utilize chemical additives and pigments;

The fabric treated with g_pdwr is characterized by:

  • the unique point of grey that can’t be reached with any other chemical dying technique. /li>

  • the softness, obtained without using softeners. Graphite in fact is a lubricant and this makes the fabric soft without using chemical additives.

  • a unique feel to the touch, not replicable, thanks to the abrasive characteristics of the graphite powder.

This production technology offers an innovative and concrete alternative for the dyeing of fabrics since it recovers and recycles graphite powder that otherwise would have become waste.

g_pwdr® is a productive process patent created by Alisea to allow the fashion start up WRÅD to enter the market with a unique product that has high social and environmental functionality. G_Bag, where “G” stands for graphite, sends an important message shared by the team and the speakers of TEDxVicenza 2018: ideas can become reality, going from vision to change, through the power of sharing and spreading them.

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