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Perpetua inspires sport

“Sport has become a universal language, a common denominator able to tear down walls and barriers and also a powerful tool for progress and development”.

(Bank Ki-moon, ex-secretary of the United Nations)

in collaborazione con lo scultore Salavat Fidai è nata Perpetua Olimpica
Olympic Perpetua was created in collaboration with sculptor Salavat Fidai

On April 6th, we celebrate World Sport Day, considering sport as an instrument to improve education and health, while promoting social inclusion and gender equality.

Sport, as art, is an activity born to connect people. It was born from the will to share values and common feelings with the purpose of improve, grow up and innovate ourselves, to create a better future.

Perpetua was imagined, designed and created to share values becoming, over the years, a symbol of progress and improvement in the use of waste materials through innovative productive processes.

For this reason, it continues to create a sense of community through sport teams, to achieve a common goals – up to now, together we have recycled almost 13 tons of graphite powder that otherwise would have been wasted -, the same values that embody the most authentic sport spirit. This is the reason why associations, companies and sport clubs have chosen Perpetua as a symbol to promote the positive impact that sport can bring to a more sustainable economic and social development, promoting a collaborative environment.

Perpetua is not just a pencil.


Arena communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua for Arena
Perpetua for Arena

In Arena, we believe in water. | By learning its challenges, we improve our technology • Excited by its velocity, we master performance • By understanding its endless cycle, we deliver innovation • Ispired by its pureness, we create unique styles • By relying on its essentiality, we extend our knowledge in and out of water • Encouraged by its adaptable nature, we design for aspirants and professionals • In arena, we believe in water, because wherever it flows, water embodies life.

Four Es communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua for Four Es
Perpetua for Four Es

Why is Perpetua the pencil at the presentation of Campionati Italiani Cross Country Eliminator & Giovanili di Società? Perpetua is there to communicate shared values, as highlighted by the words of the Four Es Team Manager.

Burning Boards communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua for Burning Boards
Perpetua for Burning Boards

Brand known in the world of snowboard retail, Burning Boards wanted its brand to be visible by day and by night. To make this happen, we used inorganic pigments present in nature that capture the sun light as well as artificial light, to then release it in the dark, applying them on both packaging and pencil.

The Amateur’s National League communicates with Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua for Lega Nazionale Dilettanti
Perpetua for Lega Nazionale Dilettanti

The Amateur’s National League finds in passion the recurring element that characterizes also the choice of an object as simple as a pencil. Perpetua represents integrity, respect and solidarity towards the environment and the world of tomorrow. The first pencil realized with recycled graphite, versatile, clean, impact resistant, able to write even if broken in two and blunt.

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