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Wråd returns to Monterossoto talk about the roots of the Green revolution

Wrad a Monterosso Calabro
Wrad in Monterosso Calabro

It’s in the graphite’s caves of Monterosso Calabro that, since the Roman times, this mineral was utilized to dye garments. From this antique technique meeting the innovation tied to recovering graphite developed by Perpetua, Wrad created GRAPHI-TEE Endorsed by Perpetua, the first t-shirt dyed with the same graphite – inevitable industrial waste – utilized for Perpetua the pencil.

A successful synergy, where sharing know-how and joining forces in R&D allowed Wrad to achieve the prestigious Red Dot Design Award with Graphi-tee.

Monterosso Calabro played a fundamental role as a keeper, by passing down and preserving the dyeing techniques across the millennia, and it is here that Wrad decided to come back to.

The reason? The shooting of the promotional campaign for a top-secret project. The green revolution is still writing new and important chapters and the Perpetua’s team is always proud of the ones dyed in graphite grey.

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