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A strip of starry sky appears in the dark, to illuminate a vision of the future in which materials and energy intertwine in new synergies aimed at growing sustainability.

For Perpetua Gala we wanted to enhance Zantech - a technopolymer made with 80% Upgraded Recycled Graphite - by modifying the basic recipe with the addition of an iridescent polymer. The result? In daylight, Gala takes us back to the imagination of the galaxy, while in the dark it becomes visible in a trail of a luminous and magical blue color.

It is different from all other pencils:

  • the design is unique and unmistakable, it has a single flat side;
  • it is made of Zantech®, an innovative material composed of 80% Upgraded Recycled Graphite with the addition of an iridescent technopolymer;
  • it can be sharpened, but it can also be written without a tip or if divided in two;
  • it connects to its rubber without the use of glues;
  • in the dark it transforms into a luminous signal that can be infinitely recharged with solar or artificial UV light;
  • 100% Made in Italy.

Design Marta Giardini Studio, honorable mention Compasso d'Oro 2016.

Perpetua the pencil | Gala

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