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An invisible energy capable to attract an object that didn’t exist before, isn’t magic?

Perpetua Magnetic is always paired with its adhesive metal disc, so you can attach it wherever you prefer and bring it always with you.


It is different than other pencils:

  • it is magnetic and always paired with its adhesive metal disc;
  • its design is unique and recognizable, it has a single flat side, the rest is round;
  • it is made with Zantech®, an innovative material made of 80% graphite recovered from industrial production processes;
  • it can be sharpened, but it can also write without a tip or if broken in two;
  • it lives together with its rubber without the use of any glues;
  • 100% Made in Italy;
  • Available in 7 different eraser colors: blue, green, lime green, yellow, fuchsia and white.


Design Marta Giardini Studio, honorable mention Compasso d'Oro 2016.

Perpetua the pencil | Magnetic

Choose the color of the rubber