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Scrigno for Perpetua

Scrigno for Perpetua

A unique intuition that becomes invention and Designs the future of immersive merchandising.
A story made of sharing and innovation

Mick Odelli, CEO of senso and DrawLight, is holding a speech on immersive experiences and technology on the stage of TEDxVicenza 2015 – Planting the Seeds; in the audience there is also Susanna Martucci, revolutionary entrepreneur, CEO of Alisea, who has an intuition: together with Mick she will finally be able to create a display stand for Perpetua the pencil which will communicate and engage with its audience.

The following week Andrea Manticò, art director of TEDxVicenza and Perpetua, will make Susanna and Mick meet again; but, this time, they will be seated at the same table, ready and determined to begin a collaboration which will last several months and will involve a team of engineers, architects, graphic designers, experts in materials and engineering processes. An important teamwork to give life to an idea that has a strong technological and innovative essence; Elisa, the designer who gave it a shape, Marco, the hand which transformed the project into an tangible object, Alberto, the engineer who invented its highly technological soul and DrawLight, the team that created and made its emotional content, making “Scrigno for Perpetua” become a window on the future of the retail world.

Thus, the seed of the intuition Susanna and Mick had planted, bloomed with enthusiasm giving life to a project which, starting from Vicenza, is circulating across Italy and starting to bear fruits! The presentation of the prototype, Scrigno, was hold on the 26th of May in Vicenza, the next stop will be in Milan at Anteprima’s flagship store where “Scrigno for Perpetua” will be presented in its final form in occasion of the Vogue’s Fashion Night Out.

“Scrigno for” is an innovative display stand, compact and portable. It will allow the product to narrate its own story through incredibly dynamic contents which will describe its characteristics, potentialities and values giving life to a new and extremely magical emotional experience. Technology, innovation and marketing, mix together in a portable display stand which is one of a kind and has the ability to revolutionise, with creativity and originality, visual merchandising and instore promotion.

With “Scrigno for Perpetua”, Perpetua can communicate in a unique way its story and its values: to dispose by writing 15 gr of graphite that would otherwise be buried underground, in a landfill, thanks to the innovative patented production process from which it is made. Thus, Perpetua’s essence can be revealed, it reemerges from its waste product form and becomes a desirable object, one to be used in our everyday life. It it not only a choice in terms of what we like to write with but also, and especially, a lifestyle choice in respect of our Planet.

In an epoch in which technological innovations increasingly focus on the digital world, “Scrigno for” wants to reverse this trend by making use of technology to bring back to the attention the importance physical stores have. An importance which includes the creation of emotional experiences through which to meet, discover and fall in love with a product.

Scrigno is a patented product.

Conceived in collaboration with Alisea and developed within the R&D department of SensoTM. Scrigno means sharing. It was born from an intuition which was cultivated with passion, commitment and competence. Scrigno belongs to everyone!

Susanna Martucci (Alisea), revolutionary entrepreneur
Mick Odelli (Senso e DrawLight), innovation consultant
Elisa Basso (Senso), product designer
Alberto Vazzola (Senso), engineering technologist
Andrea Manticò (Caratti e Poletto), art director – emotional screenplay
Matteo Tabacco (Raptor Studio), composer – original music inspirational video


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