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Alisea becomes B Corp!

Shaping a thought to make it tangible was our only way to communicate the values in which we believe in.

Alisea is circular economy, design and Made in Italy since 1994. Starting in 2013, we began focusing on sustainable innovation. For over 25 years, we have been putting the planet and its inhabitants first. We give new life to scrap materials, we reinvent production processes, collaborating with ethical Italian supply chains.

We have probably always been BCorp, but we finally have a certification that can attest it.

It means we are now part of a great community in which brands transform their work to act as a means to a greater good. An ecosystem that works together to build a future in which humanity co-exists with our planet, where workers have equal dignity and protection, an environment where clients trust one another.

We want to share with you this great achievement. Without you, this result would have not been possible. It is now a starting point from which to improve and grow together.

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