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An upgraded way of rethinking matter and objects

Upgraded recycled graphite: our ingredient

We recover, improve and modify graphite powder, inevitable waste of hi-tech industrial productions, to create unique design objects that "we had to invent".

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16-21 april.

Superstudio Più: Think Different, via Tortona 27 Milano (MI).

Opening hours:

16.04 - 20.04 | 11:00 - 21:00

21.04 | 11:00 - 18:00

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Recovering graphite for positive impact

For 30 years we have been transforming materials destined to landfill into opportunities for design and innovation. Through R&D and innovative production processes, the inevitable waste from the industrial production of graphite electrodes gains new life by becoming design objects that "weren't there before." 
To date we have managed to remove from landfill...

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of graphite!

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Perpetua Objects

Perpetua Objects are the result of innovative and responsible production processes patented by Alisea s.r.l. The entire supply chain, of materials and production, is transparent and traceable.

Perpetua tailored to you

Our idea is to allow everyone to dispose of producton waste by writing with their Perpetua. Be inspired by those who already created it and develop with us a project tailored to you.


Assessment and financial statement 2022

Alisea strengthens its commitment to continuous innovation towards the sustainability of processes and all company practices in order to minimize the negative impacts and amplify the positive ones on People, Territory and Biosphere by adopting the legal status of "BENEFIT COMPANY" in 2020 and by adding this commitment within its statute. In 2020 Alisea S.r.l. SB obtains the B-Corporation certification.