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Perpetua la matita. Made in Italy. 80% polvere di grafite riciclata. Patented by Alisea.

Perpetua the pencil

A real revolution in the world of writing. Perpetua is the only pencil in the world born in Italy and the first made of recycled graphite powder. 
Patented by Alisea

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A sustainable

Perpetua®, purpose brand of Alisea S.r.l. Società Benefit , is an advanced way of re-thinking materials and objects. Through research, innovative production processes and new technologies, raw materials waste – otherwise destined to the landfill – are given a second life by becoming unique Made in Italy design objects. Perpetua the pencil is the first of them.

Perpetua the pencil sustainable and realized in realizzata with recycled graphite powder.
Perpetua lthe pencil is made of 80% recovered graphite powder. Ecosustainable and innovative

Perpetua the pencil

By writing with Perpetua you are disposing of 15g of graphite powder otherwise destined to the landfill.

What better way to recover graphite than through an innovative way of thinking about the pencil?        

Perpetua the pencil exclusively for Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Tailor Made

Our dream is to let everyone dispose by writing with Perpetua: be inspired by those who have already started to do so, and create your own Perpetua tailor-made!

GRAPHI-TEE endorsed by Perpetua. The first shirt dyed with recycled graphite powder.

endorsed by Perpetua

endorsed by Perpetua is a brand that allows companies to develop new products using skills, communication, know-how, technologies and innovative production processes of Perpetua. A sustainable approach that, through sharing, aims to rebalance the relationship with the Planet.​

Assessment 2022

Alisea strengthens its commitment to continuous innovation towards the sustainability of processes and all company practices in order to minimize the negative impacts and amplify the positive ones on People, Territory and Biosphere by adopting the legal status of "BENEFIT COMPANY" in 2020 and by adding this commitment within its statute. In 2020 Alisea S.r.l. SB obtains the B-Corporation certification.