Perpetua la matita è design, economia circolare, tecnologia, qualità

Perpetua® is an advanced way of re-thinking materials and objects.


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Perpetua was not born by chance. It is a brand of Alisea link al sito, the only company that since 1994 has made reuse and recycling a form of corporate identity.

Circular Economy

We transform inevitable waste from industrial production - otherwise destined for destruction - into unique Made in Italy design objects.

Perpetua the pencil realized of recovered recycled graphite from the industrial production of electrodes.


Our objects are the result of patented and smart production processes, from transparent and traceable supply chains. Made in Italy.


We have never thought that respect for people, protection of the territory, research and technological innovation were irreconcilable values. We have put them at the centre of our work and time has proved us right.

Perpetua is an advanced way of re-thinking materials and objects. Through research, creation, innovation and technology, raw materials waste – otherwise destined to be destroyed – are given a second chance by becoming unique Made in Italy design objects. Perpetua the pencil is the first of them.

Recycled graphite powder
Perpetua the pencil Made in Italy innovative production processes patented by Aisea


Perpetua creates unique design objects, the result of patented and made in Italy production processes. Our two primary goals are

  • To create a positive impact on the planet and on people through our work;

  • To inspire other realities to revolutionize the classic production schemes, preferring recycled materials, for a greater environmental and social sustainability. For us, circular economy is not only for materials but for ideas too.


By using Perpetua you are disposing of 15grams of graphite powder – otherwise destined to the landfill - by writing.
With Perpetua® and endorsed by Perpetua projects, each of us can save graphite powder waste from landfill.

Thanks to all of you we managed to recover




grams of graphite

A constantly updated result.


Discover the awards and national and international recognitions received by Perpetua

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Perpetua the pencil

Perpetua, the only made in Italy pencil, is the world's first produced by using 15g of graphite powder otherwise destined to the landfill.

Produced with materials and production processes patented and from circular economy, it was designed in respect of the Planet and of people who inhabit it. Design Marta Giardini. 

Perpetua la matita è realizzata con polvere di grafite riciclata
Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook

Perpetua recorder
the magnetic notebook

Perpetua recorder the magnetic notebook combines patents and innovative technologies, all made in Italy. 


A unique writing tool where the cover attracts magnetically Perpetua Magnetica.

Perpetua the accessories 

Perpetua the pencil is innovation, design e respect for the environment. 

Its line of accessories follows its distinctive features and amplifies its message. An ever-growing family, that year after year keeps the values on which it is based central.

Perpetua il taccuino non abbatte alberi
g_jacket endorsed by perpetua. Tinta con polvere di grafite riciclata

by Perpetua

We want to make the world we live in a better place by reinventing materials and production processes.


But we are aware that we cannot do it alone. We believe that the only possible way is through sharing know-how and technologies with those who share our entrepreneurial DNA in order to create a change-oriented ecosystem.


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Perpetua non nasce per caso, è un brand di Alisea, azienda che dal 1994 pensa, progetta e produce oggetti di design made in Italy per la comunicazione aziendale e il retail.
Tutti gli oggetti Alisea sono realizzati in economia circolare e sono il risultato di filiere etiche 100% made in Italy.



Nasce Alisea, azienda e galleria d’arte contemporanea che realizza oggetti rivolti al mondo della comunicazione aziendale.

Dal 1996 l’attività si concentra sempre di più sull’utilizzo di materiali di recupero per realizzare i primi “Oggetti Comunicanti”, creati interamente con materiali di scarto, forniti soprattutto dalle stesse aziende clienti.



Nulla capita per caso. È il 2013 quando Cristina di Tecno E.D.M. chiama Susanna, Ceo & Founder di Alisea, e le chiede di realizzare un Oggetto Comunicante ricorrendo al loro scarto di produzione: la polvere di grafite. 


Susanna associa subito la grafite con la produzione di matite. In Italia però tale produzione è sparita da tempo. Come portare a termine il progetto? Inizia un processo di ricerca e sviluppo assieme ad architetti, designer e ingegneri. Professionalità, collaborazione, determinazione, coraggio e passione: questa la ricetta che ha permesso di depositare il brevetto. Nasce così Perpetua la matita.



Prendiamo consapevolezza che la nostra mission è contribuire a rendere migliore il mondo in cui viviamo, reinventando materiali e processi produttivi.

bbiamo la fortuna di capire che per raggiungere questo risultato c’è solo una strada: condividere i nostri 20 anni di esperienza nel mondo della circular economy con chi ha il nostro stesso DNA imprenditoriale. Condividendo il sapere questo non sparisce ma si moltiplica. Nel 2017 nasce il nostro nuovo brand “endorsed by Perpetua”.



Fin dalla sua fondazione, Alisea si è contraddistinta per il modo di concepire il prodotto e la generazione di Valore.


Ha sempre “guardato oltre l’utile di impresa”, impegnandosi quotidianamente nei confronti degli stakeholder, dell’ambiente, del territorio e della comunità. Nel 2019 Alisea diventa Società Benefit e i valori in cui ha sempre creduto diventano parte integrante del suo statuto.


Perpetua we had to invent it. Now it is reality. Thanks to the sharing of values and skills of a group of professionals who have poured into it elements of originality that make it unique and special.

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Perpetua was not born by chance, it is a brand by Alisea link al sito, a company that since 1994 has been thinking, designing and producing made in Italy design objects aimed at corporate communication and retail. All objects made by Alisea are produced in circular economy and are the result of ethical supply chains 100% made in Italy.


Date of birth of Alisea, company and contemporary art gallery that realizes objects aimed at corporate communication.

Since 1996 the activity is more and more focused on the use of recovered materials in order to create the first “Communicating Objects”, entirely made of waste materials, mainly supplied by the client companies themselves.


Nothing happens by chance. It’s 2013 when Cristina from Tecno E.D.M. link al sito (inserire rif. Sito) calls Susanna, Ceo & Founder of Alisea, asking her to realize a Communicating Object using their production waste: graphite powder.  


Susanna immediately associates graphite with the production of pencils. Unfortunately this production left Italy a long time ago. How to complete the project then? A research and development process begins together with architects, designers and engineers. Professionalism, collaboration, determination, courage and passion: this is the recipe that allowed us to file the patent. Thus was born Perpetua the pencil.


We gain awareness that our mission is to contribute in making the world we live in better by reinventing materials and production processes. 

We have the privilege to understand that there is only one way to achieve this result: sharing our 20 years of experience in the world of the circular economy with those who have the same entrepreneurial DNA. By sharing knowledge this does not disappear, instead it multiplies. In 2017 our new brand “endorsed by Perpetua” was born.


Since its foundation, Alisea has been distinguished by the way it conceives the product and the generation of Value.


It has always "looked beyond business profit", committing itself daily to the stakeholders, the environment, the territory and the community. In 2019 Alisea becomes a Benefit Company and the values in which it has always believed become an integral part of its statute.


Alisea obtains the B-Corp certification and becomes part of a network of companies that commit every day, to respecting high environmental and social sustainability performances to transform their work into the driving force of change.

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