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Perpetua la matita è design, economia circolare, tecnologia, qualità

About Us

Perpetua®, purpose brand of Alisea Srl Società Benefit, the only company in Italy that since 1994 has made of reuse and recycling a unique corporate identity.

The collections

Ancora 1
Perpetua the pencil in circular economy. Design by Marta Giardini


To transform a material destined for landfill into a valuable ingredient that generates unprecedented opportunities for design, creativity and innovation, through the design and creation of everyday objects that did not exist before. 

Graphite powder recovered from the industrial production of electrodes.


To create connections between creativity, know-how and vision of the future, in order to give life to supply chains that create forms of circular economy capable of having a positive social and environmental impact.

Perpetua the pencil realized of recovered recycled graphite from the industrial production of electrodes.


Putting the dignity of the person at the centre through inclusion, honesty and transparency towards the entire supply chain of our work. At the same time, attention to the impact of production processes and the quality and durability of products aims to protect the environment by preserving its resources as much as possible.

Here we are!

Perpetua we had to invent it. Now it is reality.

Thanks to the sharing of values and skills of a group of professionals who have poured into it elements of originality that make it unique and special.

Alisea team.jpg


Perpetua was not born by chance. It is a brand of Alisea, a company that has been discovering ideas and creating connections since 1994 in order to transform a material destined to landfill into an opportunity for design and innovation, through everyday objects that did not exist before. All Alisea objects are made in a circular economy and are the result of ethical supply chains 100% made in Italy.


Alisea is founded, a company and contemporary art gallery that creates objects aimed at the world of corporate communication. The activity increasingly focuses on the use of recycled materials, mainly supplied by the client companies themselves.


Tecno E.D.M asks Susanna to create an object from their waste: graphite powder. Perpetua the pencil was born, the first product and production process patent.


Alisea files the second patent on the treatment for dyeing fabrics with our Upgraded Recycled Graphite. G_pwdr technology is born. 


The third patent is deposited: an innovative coating that can be applied to a variety of absorbent substrates, aimed at the sustainable construction industry. Graphii Coat 30GP is born.


Discover the awards and national and international recognitions received by Perpetua

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