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Perpetua g_case

Conceived as an extension of your pockets, g_case is the ideal place to hold all the essentials in a small space. 
Entirely sewn in natural cotton fiber, it is available in 4 different graphics printed with g_ink, a unique pigment obtained from graphite powder, waste from the industrial production of electrodes. The entire g_case production chain is made in Italy. Marta Giardini graphics.

Perpetua g_case is printed with a recycled graphite powder based pigment. 100% cotton. Ecosustainable

The collection

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Perpetua g_case | Extended

Don’t call it pencil case… The g_case is made of recycled cotton and it is the first and only printed with an ink made of recycled graphite (g_ink).

Expanded, for those who need some extra space. Dimensions 17x28 cm.

Perpetua g_case | Regular

Don’t call it pencil case… The g_case is made of recycled cotton and it is the first and only printed with an ink made of recycled graphite (g_ink).

Regular, all you need in a compact form. Dimensions 15x25 cm.


Perpetua g_case in its print variants

Closing zip made of water-proof bicolour rubber

Graphics printed with recycled graphite powder

Exclusive Artwork

by Marta Giardini

Natural cotton fibre

Risorsa 4.png
Risorsa 3.png
Risorsa 3.png
Risorsa 3.png
Risorsa 1.png

Tailor made

Customize Perpetua g_case and become an active member of our community!

Perpetua g_case tailor made

It is innovative 

For the realization of the artwork of g _case we use g_ink, a black pigment made with recycled graphite powder to offer a perfect alternative to the use of chemical pigments.

Perpetua g_case è stampato con polvere di grafite riciclata in sostituzione ai tradizionali pigmenti chimici
Perpetua g_case è ecologico. 100% fibra di cotone natura non tinto. Made in Italy. Filiera controllata e trasparente

It is eco-friendly 

g_case is entirely made of natural undyed cotton. 

The entire production chain is controlled and made in Italy. 

It is creative 

To make g_case practical, the designer Marta Giardini decided to apply a "band" which, if necessary, can be used as a comfortable handle.

g_case allows everyone to express their creativity and taste thanks to the 4 available graphics and the possibility of customizing its range.

Perpetua g_case è creativo, dotato di una fascia che si trasforma in un manico. Graphic design by Marta Giardini
Perpetua g_case è confezionato da Agape La Fraglia, l'unica cooperativa in Italia che include al lavoro persone con qualsiasi tipo di disabilità

It is responsible 

The craftsmanship of g_case is carried out in collaboration with Cooperativa Alice, a non-profit association created with the aim of enhancing the work within the San Vittore women's prison and supporting women victims of violence. Ethics, fashion and human rights: a virtuous union generated thanks to the contribution of 60 women.

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